What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing 101

3D Printing is the most popular form of additive manufacturing that has unleashed the potential of what we can create. Thanks to quality 3d printers and innovative materials, the applications for 3d printing are as expansive as ever.

There are many types of 3D printing but the technology most people are familiar with is FDM (also known as FFF). FDM 3D printers feed a spool of plastic filament which is melted and extruded. The melted plastic solidifies rapidly and the print head moves to 'draw' the outline of the 3D print.

FDM 3D Printing is used by everyone! From school teachers 3D Printing education models, medical personal printing custom prosthetics, small business for rapid prototyping / small production runs, home users for hobby and repair and even artists and cosplayers. 

For 3D printing to be viable there is no minimum production run required, infact 3D printing excels at low and medium production qualities without the need for tooling and with the benefit of greater design freedom.

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Quality 3D Printers

We have closely partnered with leading and new innovative brands to supply and service both high quality desktop and industrial 3D printers. 

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3D Printing Materials

When deciding what material to purchase, you need to consider you application and which material type will be best suited for you. As with all consumables the quality can vary with the price.

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3D Scanners

3D Scanners replicate 3D objects by scanning the surface and creating a 3D rendering that can be 3D Printed 

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Todays 3D printing technologies are widely recognized as a sensible and go to solution for a diverse variety of hobbyist, classroom and industrial applications.

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Who's using 3D Printing Systems?

Ordinary People are Today's Inventors

How many times have you used a product and thought you could make it better or worked on a job where you said if only I had a thing to do this easier. We all face these situations regularly.  Before 3D printing systems creating a product by turning an idea into reality was a very expensive exercise and certainly out of reach for most people. With a 3D Printer the risk and cost is minimal. Whether you just want to make a product that solves personal problems at home or design products to market and sell a 3D printer can achieve amazing results.

  • Architecture Design
  • Casting Patterns
  • Custom Promotional Items
  • Hobby and Model making
  • Cake decoration and Cookie Cutters
  • Manufacturers

3D Printers in Education

Schools and universities are now embracing 3D Printing. They see the importance of teaching 3D Systems in the tech classroom. Some of the hybrid products they are making by combining 3D printing with traditional manufacturing like wood and metal work is outstanding.

3D Printers at Home

Parents are now buying 3D Printers for the home.  Just like our children embraced the computer they are now becoming makers with 3d printing. They are designing designing toys, figures and electronic products - who knows this technology may even drag them away from the gaming console.

3D Printers in Business

We have seen massive 3D Printer uptake by 3D Design Business’s. They can now offer their clients a full service from idea to design; rapid prototyping a product in a fraction of the traditional time-frame. Other business create unique plastic parts to order or replace and supply hard to find parts by manufacturing them on-site.

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