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Ultimaker S3 3D Printer Ultimaker S3 Angle Ultimaker S3 3D Printer Ultimaker S3 3D Printer Ultimaker S3 3D Printer
Ultimaker S3 3D Printer
Ultimaker S3

Ultimakers S3 dual extrusion 3D printer that delivers high-quality, composite-ready performance in a compact desktop footprint.

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The new Ultimaker S3 delivers high-quality, composite-ready performance – all efficiently from your desktop. Packed with our latest technology, it is as easy to use as it is powerful, offering the most cost-effective way for disruptive businesses to adopt in-house 3D printing.

The Ultimaker S3 is a complete production system you can depend on in the office or studio. With advanced features to ensure a reliable printing experience, it’s still simple to use thanks to its award-winning touch interface and seamless software integration.

  • Dual Lifting Nozzles
  • Multi-Material
  • Medium Print Volume
  • Enclosed Front
  • Heated Bed
  • Versatile Material Compatibility
  • Composite-ready
  • 4.7-inch Full-Color Touchscreen 
  • Removable Glass Print Bed System
  • Maximum Uptime with Swappable Material-matching Print Cores
  • High-Resolution 3D Printing
  • Active Leveling
  • Dual-geared, Abrasion-resistant Feeder with Ergonomic Feeder Levers
  • Flow Sensors and Filament Outage Detection
  • Built-In Remote Monitoring Camera
  • USB-Port, LAN, WiFi & Cloud Connectivity
  • Ultimakers Cura Slicing Software
  • and much more!

Full Product Details

Enclosed Front

Ultimaker S3 3D Printer

The Ultimaker S3 enables massive performance with an impressively small footprint that fits perfectly in your office or workplace. The enclosed front with tinted glass doors, ensures that the internal temperature and airflow are optimal.

Maximize print performance with Ultimaker Print Cores

Ultimaker S3 Print Core

Maximize print performance and machine uptime with Ultimakers swappable, material-matching print cores. Choose 0.25 or 0.4 mm for a higher level of detail and surface quality, or 0.8 mm for faster prints and quickly swap print cores and switch between different material combinations to minimize downtime. Get quality, consistent results with customized nozzle geometries for different material types: non-abrasive plastics (AA), water-soluble support (BB), and abrasive composites (CC). 

Ultimakers print core design enable you to set up your 3D printer in seconds, whether you need reliable build and support material combinations for geometric freedom, a different nozzle size, or to print in dual color.

With the Ultimaker S3 print a wide variety of first and third party materials materials up to 280°C.

The Ultimaker S3 is packaged with 2 x AA 0.4mm print cores and 1 x 0.4mm BB print core.

Dual Geared Feeders

The Ultimaker S3's dual-geared abrasion resistant feeder exerts more force on the filament, and also eliminates heat exposure from the motor. Material is moved at a precise rate with a tool steel feeder gear, with an extra-hard coating to prevent long-term wear.

Loading, unloading and changing material is effortless, with an ergonomic locking lever built into each feeder. Flip the lever upwards to manually insert or remove material. Flip it closed, and constant force is applied to the material, so it is driven accurately.

Dual auto-nozzle lifting system

Ultimaker S3 Nozzles

Print large, intricate designs with new confidence using the Ultimaker S3’s reliable dual extrusion technology and enhanced active leveling. The innovative dual auto-nozzle lifting system is designed to mechanically lift and lower the second nozzle — so that your idling extruder is out of the way when you are actively printing with the other core. This minimizes contamination when printing two materials and avoids part crashing.

Dual Colour 3D Printing

Ultimaker S3 Dual Colour

Achieve high quality dual colour 3D prints with the Ultimaker S3's dual auto-nozzle lifting system. This technology enables high quality results for your client or student projects.

Complex Multi  Material printing

Ultimaker S3 PVA Support

Delivering freedom and convenience: the Ultimaker S3's dual extrusion technology enables advanced multi material printing. Print complex geometry with soluble support structures that dissolve away or even two different but compatible modeling materials. 

Soluble support structures enable better support and surface quality when printing overhangs and reduces the risk of breaking detailed and fine parts during support removal.

Ultimaker S3 Dissolvable Support

​Heated Bed

Ultimaker S3 Heated Bed

Equipped with a heated build plate, the bed supports heating up to 140°C. To get accurate, consistent results with a range of materials, the Ultimaker S3 uses hardened glass build plate that quickly and easily clips onto an extra-stiff cast aluminium heated platform, keeping the plate securely in place for the entire print duration. 

Heated beds are important to minimize warping and are required to print materials engineering materials like PETG, ABS and PC.


Ultimaker S3 Composite

With the dual-geared, abrasion-resistant feeder, coupled with Ultimakers CC Red 0.6 print core (sold separately), the Ultimaker S3 is capable of printing advanced composite and fiber-filled materials like Polymaker PolyMide™ PA6-CF and PA6-GF filaments.

Versatile Material PrintinG

Ultimaker S3 Materials

Integrated NFC technology ensures the printer will recognize the Ultimaker material type, and automatically select the optimum printer settings, so you don’t need to. Most importantly the Ultimaker S3 is an open system, allowing use of both Ultimakers diverse filament range and compatibility with a wide range of third-party materials.

The Ultimaker S3 has been optimized to work with Ultimakers PLA, Tough PLA, Nylon, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, TPU 95A, PP, PVA, Breakaway and other material types from third party manufacturers.

Use material profiles to prepare your prints, and take the guesswork and experimentation out of 3D printing, achieving high-quality results the first time around. And if you want to experiment other materials, Ultimakers open filament system lets you use third-party materials with freedom and ease.

Ultimaker also offer a variety of pre-configurations for 3rd party filament brands through the Material Alliance Program, a collaboration between Ultimaker and 3rd party filament manufacturers to deliver a better customer experience. The strategic alliances formed with these global material companies opens up the use of the most sophisticated engineering plastics on Ultimaker printers with less trial and error.

Efficient Build Volume

Ultimaker S3 3D Printer

Utilize the Ultimaker S3's compact and efficient build volume of 230 x 190 x 200 mm (Width x Depth x Height) for your prototyping and design projects or for small volume batch printing. This full width of the build volume can utilized when using both single and dual extrusion. 

Ultimaker S3 Batch


Ultimaker S3 Camera

With the Ultimaker on-line camera users can monitor their print jobs.

Filament Detection

Ultimaker S3 Flow Sensor

A built-in filament flow sensor intelligently detects when material stops moving or is nearing an end. To save your print if a spool runs out, the Ultimaker S3 will automatically pause and prompt you to take action.

Touch Screen / Connectivity

Ultimaker S3 Touch Screen

The responsive full-colour touchscreen is integrated into the front panel of the Ultimaker S3 to make operation intuitive, effortless, and informed. Swipe through menus and tap options to select them, just like a smartphone. Detailed information, such as loaded materials, print cores, and the build plate and nozzle temperature keeps you up to date about jobs in progress, and a 3D preview lets you see what’s printing at a glance.

The Ultimaker S3’s connectivity means you can connect multiple printers together over Wi-Fi.

Print Core Calibration & Bed Leveling

Ultimaker S3 Levelling

The Ultimaker S3 supports both manual and active leveling to achieve a consistent first layer.

Active leveling is automatically performed by the printer at the start of a print, to create a reliable first layer. During active leveling, the Ultimaker S3 will automatically create a detailed heightmap of the build plate surface for each print core. This information is used to compensate for any inaccuracies of the build surface during the first layers of the print. It will do this by adjusting the build plate height while printing. 

Ultimakers print core technology delivers user friendly nozzle calibration, ensuring that the two colors or materials align well. The print cores that are supplied with the Ultimaker S3 are already calibrated so you can immediately start printing. When the printer detects a new combination of print cores, you can perform the software assisted XY offset calibration to set alignment. The calibration information is thereafter stored on the printer, so this quick calibration must only be done the first time. Ultimakers print core calibration system enables users to easily change nozzle types with less time calibrating.

Ultimaker S Series Calibration

Cura Slicer

Ultimaker Cura

Trusted by millions of users, Ultimaker Cura is the world’s most popular 3D printing software. Prepare prints with a few clicks, integrate with CAD software for an easier workflow, or dive into custom settings for in-depth control.

At the heart of Ultimaker Cura is its powerful, open-source slicing engine, built through years of expert in-house development and user contributions.

  • Intent profiles print specific applications at the click of a button
  • Recommended profiles tested for thousands of hours ensure reliable results
  • ‘Custom mode’ gives over 400 settings for granular control
  • Regular updates constantly improve features and printing experience​

Ultimaker Cloud Compatible

Ultimaker Cloud offers advanced cloud-based tools and services to enhance your 3D printing workflow. By using Ultimaker Cloud, you have access to the latest functionality across the Ultimaker product range. This includes networked Ultimaker 3D printers, Ultimaker Cura, Ultimaker Connect, the Ultimaker Marketplace, and the Ultimaker Community.

To learn more about the Ultimaker S3, click the "Specifications" and "What Is Included?" tabs.


Printing Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build Volume 230×190×200 mm (W x D x H) (left or right nozzle, or dual extrusion)

Dual-extrusion print head with an auto-nozzle lifting system and swappable print cores

Heat up to 280°C.

Dual-geared, abrasion-resistant feeders

Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm (Default), 0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm (Sold separately)
Build Platform Heated removable glass build plate, heats up to 140°C. 
Enclosure Enclosed front, sides and back.
Filament diameter 2.85mm

Materials Compatibility*

*Note for every 3D printer: Please note not every material on the market will print or behave the same and some materials can have additional requirements and geometric or size limitations.

Optimized for: PLA, Tough PLA, Nylon, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC,
TPU 95A, PP, PVA, Breakaway
Also supports third-party materials

Please note abrasive materials like carbon fiber-filled will require the CC RED Print Core.

Material Recognition Auto-recognition with NFC scanner
Layer Resolution 0.25 mm nozzle: 150 - 60 micron
0.4 mm nozzle: 200 - 20 micron
0.8 mm nozzle: 600 - 20 micron
Build Plate Leveling Active leveling
Positioning Accuracy (Stepper Motor) 6.9, 6.9, 2.5 micron
Touch Screen 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) color touchscreen
Monitoring Live camera (view from desktop or app)
Cloud Enabled Yes Ultimaker Cloud
Fail Safes Filament outage detection and filament flow sensor.

Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port

Supplied Software Ultimaker Cura, our free print preparation software
Cura Connect, our free printer management solution
Operating System MacOS, Windows and Linux
Plugin Integration SolidWorks, Siemens NX
File Types Ultimaker Cura: STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG
Printable formats: G, GCODE, GCODE.gz, UPF
Power Input 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (with bowden tubes and spool holder) 394 x 489 x 637 mm
Net Weight 14.4 kg
Warranty 12 Month

!! Please note information on this tab changes based on what options you select on our store !!

What's included:

  • 1 x Ultimaker S3 3D Printer (with accessories)
  • 1 x 750g spool of Ultimaker Tough PLA Filament
  • 1 x 750g spool of Ultimaker PVA Filament
  • Ultimaker Cura Slicer
  • FREE SHIPPING* (*Some remote areas ineligible)  

Ultimaker S3 3D Printer (With Accessories and Filament)

Ultimaker S3 3D Printer

Please note printer packaging contents could change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

The Ultimaker S3 includes everything you need to get started including 2 x AA print cores (for modelling material) and 1 x BB print core (for PVA material) and 1 x 750g spool of Ultimaker Tough PLA and 1 x 750g spool of Ultimaker PVA filament. The Ultimaker S3 ships with other essentials including glue stick, 1 x glass build plate, USB stick, power cord and quick start guide.

!! Please note information on this tab changes based on what options you select on our store !!

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