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High Performance Slicer / Customizable Support Structures / Animated Preview Mod / Advanced Multi-Part Printing

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The award winning Simplify3D® has been one of the most recommended 3D printing slicing software’s for good reason. When it comes to 3D Printing, the slicing software is responsible for controlling every each movement.

Compatible with more 3D Printers than any other software available, Simplify3D® gives users added control over printing processes along with award winning customizable support structures.

Many printers ship with their own bundled slicing software, while some of these software packages offer excellent integration with the manufacturers hardware, other packages can leave the user wanting better control over aspects such as support structures and variable layers. Users with multiple printer brands must also learn the ins and outs of each program. With Simplify3D® you can use the same application for most if not all of your 3D Printing hardware.

Click here to see which 3D Printers are supported by Simplify 3D right out the box!

Top 8 features in Simplify3D®

Quick and Easy Startup:

  • Start printing quickly with pre-configured profiles optimized for your 3D printer.
  • Follow helpful on-screen tips and wizards to discover powerful new techniques.
  • Choose from English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Japanese language options.

High Performance Slicer:

  • Simplify3D is the fastest and most powerful slicer available for desktop 3D printers.
  • High-performance software algorithms often outpace other slicers by a 10-to-1 margin.

Integrated Software Workflow:

  • Prepare – Import, scale, rotate and repair your 3D model until it is just right.
  • Process – Fine-tune custom print settings for complete control over your print.
  • Preview – Watch in-depth animated print preview to ensure print success.
  • Print – Save sliced files to an SD card or use a USB connection to gain real-time information.

Customizable Support Structures:

  • The custom support tool allows you to position supports exactly where you need them.
  • Control the size and density of support structures to save print time and material.
  • Supports break away quickly and cleanly, without damage to your final model.
  • Print supports in a different filament on printers with multiple extruders.

Animated Preview Mode:

  • Watch a detailed animation of your build sequence, line-by-line or layer-by-layer.
  • Use the Preview to visualize the result of your changes and identify errors before printing.
  • Take advantage of Preview tools that estimate print time, filament usage and cost.

Optimized for Multiple Extruders:

  • Use the Dual Extrusion Wizard to streamline the setup of multi-extrusion projects.
  • Create sharp definition between colors using Ooze Shields and Prime Pillars.
  • Learn to print using different materials in each extruder, creating exciting new possibilities!

Advanced Multi-Part Printing:

  • Maximize build plate capacity with settings that improve control over multi-part projects.
  • Assign different print settings to each model or group of models on a multi-part print bed.
  • Adjust as many settings as you desire and optimize the full power of your 3D printer today!

Variable Print Settings

  • The new Variable Settings Wizard gives you the power to customize any setting that you want for different regions of your model.
  • You can customize the print quality for different features, or even change the mechanical properties of the part unlocking a whole new world of possibilities!

Seamless Process Transitions

  • As you change settings for different regions of your model, Simplify3D will automatically create a seamless transition between these settings.
  • Whether you’re changing the layer height, infill, or anything else, the software ensures a smooth transition without extra solid layers or Z-scars.

Technical Details
• The product is an electronic download that is emailed upon order processing.
• The software is cross platform and can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux systems.
• The software is viewable in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French or Italian.
• System Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor, 2GB or more of RAM. Windows XP or
greater, Mac OS X 10.6 or greater, Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or greater. OpenGL 2.0 capable system. An
internet connection is required for the installation and continued use of the software.

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