Polymaker PolySmooth Snow White 1.75mm 750G

Optimized for post-processing with balanced mechanical properties / Compatible with Polymakers Polysher

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PolySmooth PVB Snow White: Completely new groundbreaking filament from Polymaker

PolySmooth was formulated by Polymakers experienced engineers to offer excellent printing quality, balanced mechanical properties and most important, “smoothability”. PolySmooth was designed with printing characteristics very similar to PLA, so PolySmooth is compatible with existing extrusion-based (FDM/FFF) 3D printers and extremely easy to work with. 

PolySmooth 3D Filament Product Features

  • Polyshable - Smooth and Shine your PolySmooth printed parts in the Polysher! PolySmooth is the first 3D printable filament designed for layer free post processing. Post processed prints not only have a beautiful smooth glossy surface, but also improve the mechanical properties of your part. Prior to smoothing 3D Printed parts have “ridges and valleys” from the layers that often act as stress concentrators. By eliminating the layers not only are you improving the appearance of your print, but you are also increasing the parts impact resistance, making the part more damage-resistant and tougher. Read about the Polysher here!
  • Warping Free -  Printing with PolySmooth exhibits very minimal residual stress which offers warp free printing making it fantastic for big or small prints.
  • Easy to print - PolySmooth is compatible with all filament / extrusion based 3D Printers. PolySmooth PVB features a wide printing temperature range, low odor and no heated bed required.
  • Easily Removable Support - From Polymakers experience developing PolySupport, PolySmooth was formulated with the same support removal properties. Supports easily break away from PolySmooths surface and after polishing there is no scar left on the surface! 
  • Ballanced Mechanical Properties - PolySmooth features well balanced mechanical properties, outperforming most ABS and PLA filaments on most attributes , making it an ideal material for everyday 3D printing.  
  • Suitable for Investment Casting
  • 8 Steps of Quality Control during production to ensure the best 3D Printing Experience and no nozzle Jams. 
  • Fantastic Printer Compatibility 

PolySmooth PVB vs. Regular PLA and ABS

PVB is a new material to the 3D Printing industry. PolySmooth PVB has many advantages, so how does this new material compare to PLA and ABS?


Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength: 40-45 MPa (compared to 30-40 MPa for PLA/ABS)
IZOD Impact Strength: 15-18 kJ/m^2 (compared to 2-3 kJ/m^2 for PLA and 5-15 kJ/m^2 for ABS)
Softening Temperature: ~ 70 C (compared to 55-60 C for PLA and 90-95 C for ABS)

Polysmooth 3D Filament Technical Specifications

Glass Transition Temp ~ 70 °C
1.75 mm or 2.85 mm
± 0.05 mm
50 Microns
(Typical~ ± 0.02 mm )

General Printing Settings
Recommended 3D printing temperature
190 – 220 °C (for both 1.75 and 2.85 mm)
Recommended 3D print speed
40 – 90 mm/s
Recommended heated bed temperature
Not required, but can be set to 60-70 ˚C for better consistency

PolySmooth is Polyshable in the new Polysher!

You can read more about the Polysher here!

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