PolyMaker PolySupport 1.75mm 500g

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Easy to remove, dedicated support material.

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New PolySupport Filament


Supporting Your masterpieces

Do you ever get frustrated printing a part only to find out your print failed due to the lack of support, or perhaps the difficulty of trying to remove support material without causing damage to the part? Well PolySupport may be the solution to your problem! Polysupport is designed specifically to generate support structures that are adequate to support the part being built, and yet extremely easy to remove afterwards.
To use this filament on the UP 3D Printer Range you need an Accessory Temperature Controller like our Octave Temp Controller

PolyMaker PolySupport Bunny


PolySupport can be used on both single and dual-extrusion printers! On dual-extrusion printers you could use PolySupport as a dedicated support material, or as both the modelling and support material on a single-extrusion printer! In either case the support structure can be removed easily!
No matter the printer, you can rely on PolySupport to support your creations.


PolySupport™ works just like your regular 3D printing filaments. Easy to print and store. No sensitivity to normal moisture or heat. No need to work with dangerous organic solvents.


Temperature Range:
 220 – 230 °C

Recommended 3D printing temperature:
 220 – 230 °C

Recommended 3D print speed:
 30 – 60 mm/s

Recommended Heated bed:
 Heating Bed Not Required


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