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Makerbot SR-30 Makerbot Method X SR-30
Makerbot Method X / Stratasys® SR-30 Natural 1.75mm 450g

Proprietary Stratasys support material for high temperature materials. Compatible with Makerbot Method X.

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SR-30 is a proprietary support material developed by Stratasys to work seamlessly with ABS, ASA, and various other high-temp materials. Because of this focused development, using SR-30 with these typically more challenging materials can yield exceptional results that wouldn’t be possible with something like PVA, which is very difficult to use with ABS.

Like PVA, SR-30 is dissolvable and can enable extreme complexity of geometry while maintaining excellent surface finish at the support site. Unlike PVA, SR-30 requires a specialty solvent (Ecoworks™ cleaning agent tablets recommended) along with heat, to efficiently dissolve. Users of SR-30 will need gloves, safety glasses and may need to invest in additional equipment, and possibly use in a more controlled environment.

Printer Compatibility

Stratasys® SR-30 is compatible with the MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer using the Support 2XA extruder.

Material CompatIbilities

Stratasys® SR-30 is a compatible support material for Makerbot Method X Precision ABS, ASA, Nylon Carbon Fiber, PC-ABS and PC-ABS FR.

Stratasys® SR-30 is also compatible with some high temperature Makerbot LAB partner materials like PolyMax™ PCPolyMax™ PC-FR, Polymaker™ PC-ABS and Polymaker™ PC-PBT.

Storage & Drying

Makerbot Method X / Stratasys® SR-30 is vacuum sealed to protect the filament from moisture. When not in use Stratasys® SR-30 should be stored away from sunlight in the packaged resealable bag. Stratasys® SR-30 is less hygroscopic than support materials like PVA however it is still highly recommended to store Stratasys® SR-30 in dry conditions (relative humidity of 15% or less). 

If you notice that the surface quality of your supports is uneven or the color is not consistent, this is a likely indicator that the filament has absorbed too much moisture. Spools of Makerbot Method X / Stratasys® SR-30 can be dried inside the Makerbot Method X 3D printer.

Net Weight 450g
Diameter 1.75 mm
Spool Smart Spool for Makerbot Method X


Q: How do I dissolve my supports?
A: Unlike PVA which is simply water soluble, SR-30 requires additional equipment for dissolution. You will require EcoworksTM cleaning agent tablets, safety equipment including gloves and splash resistant gloves and a Circulation Tank that provides heat and circulation. Water temperatures between 70 - 75° C (158 - 167° F) are most effective for dissolving SR-30. Temperatures above 75° C may cause parts to distort. Dissolve times with temperatures below 70° C (158° F) will take longer. Make sure that parts are fully immersed in the solution. Parts can crack if they are not fully immersed or are ‘bobbing’ in and out of the solution. This is especially critical for small parts.

Q: How do I dispose of Stratasys® SR-30 supports.
A:  A Waste Water Profile is available for SR-30 soluble support material. This profile is based on the dilution of used Ecoworks solution with an equal amount of freshwater. For example, when disposing of 4 gallons (15 liters) of used solution, dilute with 4 gallons (15 liters) of freshwater. MakerBot recommends that disposal procedures be verified by the proper authorities in your region. MakerBot cannot anticipate local, state, or international regulatory statutes. MakerBot and 3D Printing Solutions cannot be held liable if the solution is not handled and disposed of properly. You may need to document how you dispose of the used solution.

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