Makerbot Method PETG Red Makerbot Method PETG
Makerbot Method PETG Red 1.75mm 750g

Specialty chemical resistant PETG. Compatible with Makerbot Method.

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PETG is the material of choice for printing high-performance parts that demand excellent durability along with temperature, moisture, and chemical resistance. Engineers and designers use PETG to produce durable prints with speed and agility that can withstand industrial applications including functional prototypes, jigs and fixtures, and end-use parts. PETG’s chemical resistance makes it a choice material for liquid containers and bottles, which also makes it great for prototyping those types of products. PETG is also commonly used in research labs that require chemical resistance in functional parts or containers.

Printer Compatibility

Makerbot METHOD PETG is compatible with the MakerBot METHOD and METHOD X 3D Printer using the Model 1 extruder.

PETG is not able to stick to the grip surface on the MakerBot Method. In order to print with it you will need to apply the adhesion stick that ships with it to the grip surface. The adhesion stick is PVA glue, also called all-purpose, wood or carpenters glue.

Storage & Drying

When the material is not stored in the material bay, store MakerBot Method PETG material in the included vacuum-sealed metalized polyester bag. This helps avoid moisture absorption from air and long-term exposure to humidity which can compromise material quality and performance. Make sure the built-in desiccant is in the spool to absorb any moisture exposure during the material loading process.

If you notice that the surface quality of your supports is uneven or the color is not consistent, this is a likely indicator that the filament has absorbed too much moisture. Spools of Makerbot Method PETG can be dried inside the Makerbot Method 3D printer.

Technical Data

Data based on Makerbots internal testing of injection molded specimens of METHOD PETG filament.

Mechanical Property Value Testing Method
Tensile Modulus 1900 MPa ASTM D638, 50 mm/min
Tensile Strength at yield 44 MPa ASTM D638, 50 mm/min
Flexural Modulus 2000 MPa ASTM D790, 15 mm/min
Strain at Yield - Elongation >3.8%  
Notched Impact Strength 18.7 J/m ASTM D256

Thermal Properties Value Testing Method
Heat Deflection 70°C  ASTM 648, 66 psi

For full SDS and technical data sheets for Makerbot METHOD PETG and other filaments. Contact us to enquire!

Net Weight 750g
Diameter 1.75 mm
Spool Smart Spool for Makerbot Method X


Q: How do I prepare my Makerbot buildplate to print Method PETG.
A:  In order to print with it you will need to apply the adhesion stick that ships with it to the grip surface. Before applying to adhesion stick, make sure the grip surface is clean. The surface can be cleaned with water (dry thoroughly) or isopropyl alcohol (70%). You do not need to apply it to the entire grip surface, just the area(s) where your model(s) will be printed. Be sure to also apply the adhesion stick beneath the purge tower location. You will want to generously apply the adhesion stick to the grip surface. Two full passes in perpendicular directions over the area where the model and purge tower will be printed should be enough. Be sure to reapply the adhesion layers after each print, it will lose its effectiveness after each print. 

Q: How often do I need to apply the adhesion stick and how do I clean my build plate?
A: After around 5 prints, the adhesion material will build up to non-functional levels. The grip surface will need to be cleaned before more can be applied. To clean the grip surface: Rinse it with warm water and hand soap, Rub off the built up glue with your hands or a soft nylon brush (NOTE: Do not use the nozzle cleaning brush included with your Makerbot Method) Thoroughly dry off the grip surface and build plate. Please be advised that the spring steel build plate will rust if not fully dried.

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