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Makerbot Method Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber 1.75mm 500g

Strong and heat resistant Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber. Compatible with Makerbot Method Composite Extruder.

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MakerBot Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber Filament

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon optimized for high strength to weight ratio, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements.

Nylon 12’s superior moisture resistance means easier printing, more consistent results, and parts that can perform in a wider range of environments.

For applications that require parts hold their form with minimal flex - such as automotive brackets or inspection gauges, Nylon Carbon Fiber offers an impressive 6000 Mpa tensile modulus.

Carbon fiber is normally limited to a handful of expensive and advanced applications. Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber + METHOD makes carbon fiber accessible to anyone for nearly any application - from simple tools to complex end-use parts.

Printer Compatibility

Makerbot METHOD Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber is compatible with the MakerBot METHOD and METHOD X 3D Printer using the Model 1C extruder.

Storage & Drying

When the material is not stored in the material bay, store MakerBot Method Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber material in the included vacuum-sealed metalized polyester bag. This helps avoid moisture absorption from air and long-term exposure to humidity which can compromise material quality and performance. Make sure the built-in desiccant is in the spool to absorb any moisture exposure during the material loading process.

If you notice that the surface quality of your supports is uneven or the color is not consistent, this is a likely indicator that the filament has absorbed too much moisture. Spools of Makerbot Method Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber can be dried inside the Makerbot Method 3D printer.

Technical Data

Specifications based on data provided by the material supplier.   Actual printed part specs may vary based on part geometry and print parameters selected.

Mechanical Property Value
Max Tensile Modulus 6000 MPa
Max Tensile Strength 66 MPa

Thermal Properties Value
Heat Deflection 154°C 

Click here to download the Makerbot METHOD X Nylon 12 technical data sheet or contact us to enquire!

Net Weight 500g
Diameter 1.75 mm
Spool Smart Spool for Makerbot Method


Q: What support materials can I use with this product?
A:  Stratasys® SR-30 and Makerbot Method PVA are both a compatible support materials for Makerbot Method Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber.

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