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Formlabs Form 3L Accessories Bundle Free Delivery

Upgrade your Form 3L workflow with Formlabs end-to-end finishing solutions, the Form Wash L and Form Cure L.

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Formlabs Form 3L

Do you own a Form 3L and need to scale up in-house production? Upgrade your capabilities with the Form Cure L and Form Wash L

Upgrade your Form 3L with the Form Wash L and Form Cure L to complete the Form 3L ecosystem. From setting up your print to post-processing your part, this suite of post-processing products streamlines the print finishing workflow.

Important Note
This accessories bundle does not include the Form 3L printer. This bundle includes the Form Wash L and Form Cure L for customers who already own the Form 3L machine. For customers looking to purchase the full Form 3L suite of products we recommend purchasing the Form 3L Complete Package.

Form Wash L

All SLA 3D printed parts require washing to remove residual resin. Form Wash L automates this process, leaving you with smooth, clean, high-quality parts every time. Once washing completes, parts are lifted out of the solvent to air dry, avoiding over-soaked, warped prints. The embedded solvent monitor helps you maintain peak cleaning performance by notifying you when it’s time to replace your solvent. Use Form Wash L with all of your Formlabs SLA 3D printers. Wash one Form 3L build platform or two Form 3 build platforms with the included build platform adapter.

Form Cure L

After washing, post cure your prints with the Form Cure L. This full size UV curing chamber can be used with all of your Formlabs SLA 3D printers whether it’s for large prints or high throughput production of smaller parts. Post-curing SLA 3D printed parts helps them reach their maximum mechanical properties and achieve peak dimensional accuracy. Form Cure L uses two 500W heaters and high-powered UV lights alongside a reflective inner cavity and rotating turntable to provide a consistent, high-intensity cure.

Form Cure L Specification

Printer Compatibility Form 3L, Form 3BL, Form 3, Form 3B, Form 2
Dimensions 69 x 54 x 44.5 cm
Weight 24kg
Turntable Diameter 39.5 cm
Maximum Part Height 32 cm
Operating Temperature Suggested 18 - 28 °C
Maximum Cure Chamber 80 °C
Light Source 45 multi-directional LEDs
LED Power 70W
LED Radiant 36W
LED Wavelength 375 nm, 405 nm
Power Requirements Input  220 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 8A

Form Wash L

Printer Compatibility Form 3L, Form 3BL, Form 3, Form 3B, Form 2
Dimensions 78.0 x 46.0 x 67.0 cm
Weight 56.7 kg (without solvent)
Bucket Volume 37.9 L
Maximum Part Size 33.5 x 20 x 30 cm
Suggested Operating Environment Suggested 18 - 28°C
Agitation Method Magnetically coupled impeller
Included Accessories a. Wash Bucket
b. Wash Basket
c. Electric Solvent Pump
d. Flexible Scraper
e. Scraper
f. Flush Cutters
g. Rinse Bottle
h. Gloves
i. Form 3 Build Platform Adaptor
Power Requirements Input 220 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 1A
Compatible Solvents IPA, TPM, Water

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