Flashforge Creator Pro Mega Bundle

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The popular FlashForge Creator Pro (Current Model) with 5 leading Polymaker materials.

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Flashforge Creator Pro MEGA Bundle / What's included:
We've put together a bundle of the finest and innovative materials available today. Through our testing we have found the versatile Creator Pro has handled these materials with excellent reliability.

  • 1 x FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer (with accessories)
  • 2 x Spools of filament + Packaged Accessories (Packaged with the printer)
  • 1 x 1kg PolyMaker PolyLite™ PLA Spool (1.75mm)
  • 1 x 750g PolyMaker PolyMax™ PLA Spool (1.75mm)
  • 1 x 750g PolyMaker PolyFlex™ Spool (1.75mm)
  • 1 x 750g PolyMaker PC-Max™ PolyCarbonate Spool (1.75mm)
  • 1 x 600g PolyMaker PolyWood™ Spool (1.75mm)
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The FlashForge brand has been a staple in the 3D Printing industry for the last few years, offering users fantastic printing quality and reliability at an affordable price. Since the highly popular original model, FlashForge have added many upgrades and improvements to make what was a fantastic 3D printer even better! With the new Creator Pro, FlashForge aimed to take precision and quality to a new level, with more features, improved user friendly design and even better print quality!

Feature Summary

  • Print Volume – Compact and versatile print volume of 227 x 148 x 150mm (L,D,H) 
  • Material Compatability - Open filament system supports 3rd party printer brands like Polymaker. Print a wide range of materials like PLA, PETG, Polysmooth, Flexible, PVA, ABS, PolyCarbonate, Nylon and more!
  • Dual Extruder – Heat up to to 255°C for extruding low and high temperature materials. With the dual extruder system, users can print with soluble supports, further expanding the complexity of shapes and geometries.
  • Heated Bed – Aluminium heated bed overlayed with FlashForges blue printing sheets.
  • Enclosure – Enclosed design, front door and removable lid prevent drafts and improve print reliability.
  • Resolution – Print resolution down to 100 microns (0.1mm)
  • Easy Printing – The robust design, onboard LCD Screen and software integration ensures getting started with the Creator Pro is very simple.
  • FlashPrint – Integrated slicing program to prepare files for 3D Printing. Features automatic support generation along with manual support options, both basic and advanced levels of control and advanced features like variable layer height. The Creator Pro can also be controlled with other slicing software programs.

To learn more about the full Creator Pro feature set, click the "Full Product Details" tab.

Full Product Details

Build Quality

The Creator Pro is built to last with a sturdy metal frame that increases stability of the printer’s moving parts. Metal platform support and 10mm Z-axis guide rods allow for precise movement of the z-axis. The Creator Pro also features a transparent front door to prevent curious hands from touching hot components while providing easy supervision of your 3d printing. Transporting the Creator Pro is easy, with a handle on each side of the machine to offer maximum portability. The Creator Pro build plate is made from the same grade of aluminum used in the aerospace industry, with 6.3mm thickness. This high level aluminum can always stay flat, even after continued exposure to high heat.  FlashForge set rigorous standards for assembly lines, where each machine is tested over 48hrs for top quality. 

Dual Extrusion

The Creator Pro comes equipped with FlashForges Dual-Extruder structure expanding the possibilities of 3D Printing. The Creator Pros extruder system can heat up to 255°C to print engineering materials like PolyCarbonate and Nylon. With a dual extruder 3d printer you can print your models in dual colour or take advantage of Dual Extrusion technology to print your supports with a dedicated support material.

Build Volume

The FlashForge Creator Pro has a medium sized build volume of 225 x  x 148mm x 150 (LxDxH) a perfect size for prototyping, education and unleashing creativity!

Versatile Printing and Open Filament System

Print your choice of 1.75mm first and third party filament brands. Compatible with a wide variety of filament types including ABS, PLA, PolySmooth™, PolyCarbonate (PC), Nylon, PETG, Flexible and more. Each extruder have been optimised to offer high quality printing. The left extruder is equipped with a cooling fan, providing adequate cooling when printing lower temp materials like flexible and PLA. The right extruder has been designed to provide optimal printing for higher temp materials like ABS and PolyCarbonate.

Note for every 3D printer: Please note not every material on the market will print or behave the same and some materials can have additional requirements and geometric or size limitations.

Heated Bed

The FlashForge Creator Pro is equipped with an aluminium heated build plate capable of reaching temperatures up to 100°C. The heated build plate is covered with FlashForge's blue printing sheets, designed to provide perfect adhesion when print a variety of materials.


The Creator Pros enclosed design protects your prints from external environmental effects and drafts during printing. For higher temperature materials attach the removable lid to the top of the Creator Pro, the enclosure keeps your models nice and toasty, perfect for high temperature printing.

FlashPrint and 3rd Party Slicer Compatibility

With the FlashForge Creator Pro you are able to choose your favorite software such as FlashPrint, Simplify3D, Cura and more.

FlashForges own FlashPrint software is very easy to use so you can start printing right away! FlashPrint was designed with a simple and intuitive interface that makes 3D Printing easy for beginners whilst giving expert users access to more advanced control over the printer. Generating support material with FlashPrint is easy. FlashPrint automatically generates supports for you based on the models overhang angles. You can also add your own supports  to suit your model or remove unnecessary ones to save material. FlashForges Dendriform (treelike) supports allow you to print much more complex models, snapping off supports easily without damaging your objects.

Beginners can use FlashPrints presets and allow FlashPrint to take care of the rest and experts can access a wide range of paramaters like nozzle and bed temperature, printing speed, first layer thickness and height where to pause printing. Once sliced, FlashPrint provides layer-by-layer visualization, time and material estimates.

Control Connectivity

You can start your print job, pause, cancel, start assisted bed leveling, preheat the bed, load and unload filament right from the printer with the Creator Pros LCD screen display and control buttons. The Creator Pro can read STL files from an SD card, allowing you to print untethered from your computer. There is also a USB connector on the back to update your printers firmware.

Recommended for

Education - The Creator Pros excellent material versatility, reliability and Flashprint software integration make the Creator Pro an excellent tool for educational organizations to get started with 3D Printing.

Enthusiast / Hobbyist - Trusted by the maker community, the Creator pros compact size and versatile build volume which is suitable for many work spaces, projects and replacement parts.

Business / Prototypers - The Creator Pro is a tried and tested workhorse machine offering excellent reliability, excellent material versatility and multiple levels of user control for experimental applications and materials. 


FlashPrint is FlashForge's slicing software designed to work efficiently with their range of 3D Printers. FlashPrint aims to provide two levels of control to suit the different needs of both beginners and experts. The ability to add or simplify the number of printing options provides users to option to access more flexibility over their printer and experimentation without requiring 3rd party software. FlashForge release monthly updates which have in the past added some really exciting new and innovative features.

  • Choose between ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’ levels of control for beginners and experts alike.
  • Flexible and smart support options with generated or manual supports types.
  • 3D model error detection and correction.
  • File Rotation & Scaling.
  • Control Infil Type and Percentage, Layer Height, Speed, Cooling and more!
  • Assign stl files to different nozzles to print with the Creator Pro's dual extruder.
  • Monthly updates bring new and advanced features like variable layer heights.
  • Customizable Nozzle & Bed Temperature Control.
  • Pre-visualisation and estimated printing time and material usage.
  • Importable file formats: .gx .stl

Software Highlights

Smart or Manual Supports / Linear or Treelike

FlashPrint automatically generates supports based on model’s overhang angles. At same time, you can add more supports to the print or remove supports you find unnecessary to save material.

Users can also choose between traditional linear supports or dendriform (treelike) supports. Dendriform supports snap off easily without damaging your object. Linear Supports are best suited for large or tall prints while tree supports are a great option for detailed prints; snapping off easily with less scaring on the part.

The ability to add or remove supports and choose between linear or treelike supports gives users a new level of freedom.

Powerful Basic or Advanced level of control

FlashPrint is designed to accommodate for the different requirements of both beginners and experts. For beginners, the simple and intuitive interface lets you convert your design to file ready to 3D Print with a few clicks. We find the list of FlashForge presets are excellent, so just select what material, print quality you want and FlashPrint takes care of the rest.  Experts, advanced or experimental users seeking more control over the software will be satisfied. In ‘expert mode’ FlashPrint has a wide range of parameters can be changed manually as well, from retraction to infil, support, travel speeds and even first layer thickness and fixed or variable layer heights and where to pause printing. 

Dimension Adjustment 

Aside from printing error, some material types shrink more during printing which can exaggerate printing error and not achieve the desired accuracy requirements.Take a 2.5mm wall-thickness barrel as an example. First test the actual error value and then set corresponding software parameters. The actual print error of the test model can now be significantly reduced down to 20 microns, (0.02mm).

Variable Layer Height

Most users will commonly use layer heights between 0.2 and 0.1mm. Finer layer heights add more steps, improving the smoothness / surface finish on angles and curves however can double the print time.
In many cases a fine layer height will only improve certain angles and areas of a model.With variable layers heights users can change the layer height throughout the model, printing with a combination of thicker and finer layer heights for the best resolution and optimized print times.

Flashforge Creator Pro MEGA Bundle Includes:
1 x FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer (with accessories)
1 x 1kg PolyMaker PolyLite™ PLA Spool (1.75mm)
1 x 750g PolyMaker PolyMax™ PLA Spool (1.75mm)
1 x 750g PolyMaker PolyFlex™ Spool (1.75mm)
1 x 750g PolyMaker PC-Max™ PolyCarbonate Spool (1.75mm)
1 x 600g PolyMaker PolyWood™ Spool (1.75mm)

Printing Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build Volume 227 x 148 x 150mm (LxWxH)

Dual Extruder Structure up to 255°C.

Build Plate Heated up to 100°C. 
Enclosure Yes; with front door and removable lid
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Supported Materials

ABS, PLA, Flexible, PolyCarbonate, Nylon, PolySmooth™ and more!

Works with first and third party filament brands.

Note for every 3D printer: Please note not every material on the market will print or behave the same and some materials can have additional requirements and geometric or size limitations.

Layer Resolution Down to 0.1mm (100 microns)
Supporting Structure

Automatic generation or manual control options in FlashPrint

Platform Leveling Manual Leveling
Build Platform Type Aluminum Plate + FlashForge Blue Sheets
Control Onboard LCD screen
Bundled Software FlashPrint (FlashForge Creator Pro can also be controlled with other slicers like Simplify3D®)
Compatible Formats STL, OBJ

SD Card for printing.
USB connection for firmware updates.

Operating System Windows 7,Mac OS X,Linux
Power Adapter 100-240 V, ~2amps, 50-60 Hz, 350 W
Frame & Body Powder Coated Steel + PVC Panel
Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 476 x 332 x 383 mm
Warranty 12 Month (excl. Extruder )

3D Printing Solutions was established in 2013 by CEO Michael Tyson to distribute high quality 3D printers and supplies to enthusiasts, businesses, government and educational institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Australian owned and operated, here at 3D Printing Solutions we are dedicated to ensuring your success by providing high quality solutions and sharing our years of hands on experience and support. One of our key philosophies is to thoroughly test the printer brands and filaments we sell to ensure they meet our key quality standards. Our collaborative and in-depth experience with these brands ensures we can provide detailed comparisons and advice to customers.

Key Benefits

  • Australian owned online and retail store operated since 2013.
  • Quality assured products.
  • Free shipping on orders over $150 across Australia* (* Excludes select products where noted and delivery to some remote regions.)
  • Official FlashForge distributor.
  • We have hands on experience using FlashForge products. Phone, email and local support handled by our trained and knowledgeable staff.
  • Growing list of online resources for beginners and advanced users.
  • Support and warranty handled locally in Australia.

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