Raise3D is among the fastest growing 3D Printing companies with offices in California, Rotterdam and Shanghai, along with a global reseller’s network. With each new product, Raise3D set out to build a 3D printer that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, reliable enough to run 24/7 and able to repeat the process of manufacturing finished parts with precise replication.

As a customer-driven company, their products are created with input from a diverse field of professionals on the cutting edge of design, engineering and manufacturing. The result is a 3D printer ready to integrate print factories and build customized parts on demand.

What do we think of Raise3D?

Having met the Raise3D team over the past few years. It has been great to see their original vision of flexible manufacturing realized through the hardware and software integration of their latest Pro2 series. Not only have Raise3D focused on creating one of the most flexible 3D printers on the market but with their Ideamaker software or RaiseCloud service, users can manage their printers and projects in new and exciting ways.Matt Tyson – Marketing Manager

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Pro 2

Improves upon it’s award winning predecessor and provides the next generation of performance.

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Pro 2 Plus

The Pro 2 Plus refines printing for production grade environments; upgrading, and evolving traditional manufacturing.

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Pioneering Flexible Manufacturing

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