PolyMax™ PLA

Ductile and tougher PLA / Features Polymakers nano-reinforcement and Jam-Free technologies.

Produced with Polymaker’s Nano-reinforcement technology, to deliver exceptional mechanical properties and printing quality; PolyMax™ PLA is an incredibly easy-to-print filament with improved mechanical properties, making it an excellent alternative to ABS.

Yes for some applications PolyMax™ PLA can be used as an alternative to ABS!

Like other PLA based materials, PolyMax™ PLA prints with excellent dimensional stability and near-zero warping. PolyMax™ PLA continues to be one of Polymakers most popular filaments and is widely used for prototyping, designing, jigs, low volume manufacturing, education and maker projects.

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Material Type
PLA (Nano-reinforced)
PolyMax™ PLA features Nano-reinforcment and Jam-Free™ technology
Nozzle Temperature
190˚C – 230˚C
Printing Speed
40mm/s – 60mm/s
Bed Temperature
25˚C – 60˚C
Bed Surface
Glass with glue, MAGIGOO Original, Blue Tape, BuildTak®
Cooling Fan
Recommended Support Materials
PolyDissolve™ S1, PolySupport™

PLA Printing Guide
Technical Data

Young’s Modulus:
1879 ± 109 Mpa
Tensile Strength:
28.1 ± 1.3 Mpa
Bending Strength:
48.0 ± 1.9 Mpa
Charpy Impact Strength:
12.2 ± 1.03 kJ/m2
Glass Transition Temperature:
Vicat Softening Temperature:
Melting Temperature:

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PolyMax™ PLA

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