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Support your structures with easy to remove 3D Printer support material

PolySupport was designed to solve one of the most common issues amongst 3D Printer owners, removing support material. After your print has finished, removing support material can be a hassle. PolySupport makes printing easy with 3D printing support material that simply peels away!


Support material is no longer a hassle

Like the rest of the PolyMaker range, PolySupport is really easy to print. PolySupport is easy to store, with no sensitivity to normal moisture or heat and no need to work with dangerous organic solvents.

Compatible with Single & Dual & Multi Extruder 3D Printers

PolySupport is compatible with both single and dual / multi extrusion printers. In the case of single extrusion printers, you simply print your model in PolySupport and the support material will peel away from your model with ease. With dual and multi extruder printers you can print with PolySupport dedicated to print the support material.

Note: UP Printers require a temperature controller to lower the nozzle temp.

Freedom of Creation Redefined

How often have you have printed your part to only find your print failed due to lack of support, or find the support material can be difficult to remove without damaging your print. PolySupport is a solution to your problems. PolySupport is specifically designed to generate support structures that are adequate to support your 3D Printed part, and are easy to remove afterwards.

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