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UP Mini Getting Started Tips and Hints

Below is a list of do's and don't when using your UP Mini 3D Printer

  1. Read the User Manual from cover to cover. This may save you from breaking your printer.
  2. You need to set the Nozzle height manually. The user manual details how to do this using the Maintenance Menu and a Piece of paper folded in half to set the clearance.
  3. Make sure you have set the Spool option in the Maintenance Menu to the correct filament.
    ABS for Original UP ABS Filament,  ABS + for Premium UP ABS Filament, PLA for all PLA.
  4. Printing ABS - When printing ABS always preheat the platform for at least 15min, this can be done in the maintenance menu. As soon as the platform is hot you can leave it heating and start the print.
  5. Keep the Fan on the Extruder closed when printing ABS or the model will warp, lift and even crack
  6. Printing PLA - When using the PLA setting the platform does not heat so you can start the print immediately.
  7. PLA prints better when cool so we advise opening the Extruder Fan.
  8. Knocking sound when printing. This is an indication that the nozzle is printing too close to the platform or you have the wrong spool temperature setting.
  9. Cleaning a blocked nozzle. Never attempt to unscrew the nozzle when the nozzle is cold as it will snap the extruder block. Always do an filament withdraw to heat the nozzle to 265 - 270 Deg then use the spanner to unscrew the nozzle. This softens the plastic buildup around the nozzle threads and you should be able to unscrew the nozzle with 2 fingers. for ABS clean you block nozzle by soaking it in acetone for 24 Hours. Tip its a good idea to have a spare nozzle handy. Order Spare Nozzles here
  10. Never try to remove the finished print while the perfboard is in the printer as this will put pressure on the print table. Carefully slide the perfboard out of the printer then remove.

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