UP Mini 2 Improvements

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UP Mini 2 Improvements

Picture of the original UP Mini 2 top front cover with our custom redesigned version.

We noticed a lot of drag on the filament with the long feeder tube and tight path the feeder tube followed. 
This can cause issues with the filament feeding especially with Non UP Filament. We decided to redesign the top cover so the filament feeds directly into the Extruder Head providing the path of least resistance. In addition, filament loading is much quicker and less of a hassle.

Pictures of the Redesigned Front Top Cover installed

UP Mini 2 Top Front Cover
Download stl files for UP Mini 2 Top Front Cover Here


Upgrade your Original UP Mini 2 Spool Feed

If you like using your original UP Mini 2 Spool holder you can improve the filament feed with this simple updated part. You simply remove the rubber filament feeder tube mount and replace it with this one made from plastic. The plastic 3D Printed version causes less friction and prevents the Feeder tube slipping into the filament spool.

Picture of the original rubber feeder tube mount

Download modified Feeder Tube Mount


UP Mini 2 External Spool Holder

Alternate Spool Holder - The original UP Mini 2 Spool holder will not fit 1kg spools so we have designed a new external spool holder to 
support a larger variety of filament spool types. It suits 300g through to 1KG spools. We have 2 versions available, both left and right side 
versions to suit your setup. Being free standing you can use this spool holder with most 3D Printers.

External Spool Holder (Left Side Version)
Main Spool Holder Stand
Filament Guide
Feeder Tube Mount

External Spool Holder (Right Side Version
Main Spool Holder Stand
Filament Guide
Feeder Tube Mount


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