The next generation UP Mini 2 3D Printer is here!

Author: Matt Tyson/Friday, 2 September 2016/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Mini 3D Printer

The UP Mini 2 is the next generation UP Mini 3D Printer from Tiertime. A variety of smart improvements and new features were included to help make joining 3D Printing revolution easier and safer than ever. Control your 3D Printer with WIFI connectivity, touchscreen control and keep your maker space clean with the HEPA filtration system.

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Works with NEW UP Studio Software

The UP Mini 2 uses Tiertimes new UP Studio software which makes 3D Printing easy! The ability to customise Nozzle and Temperature Bed allow you to print with a variety of 3D Printer filaments on the market so you can print in the material or colour that suits you! UP Studio generates support structures automatically, taking out the tricky guesswork required whilst also giving you some controls to tweak your support settings if you desire. 


Alongside standard computer USB connectivity you have to option to connect to your 3D Printer via WIFI, allowing you to print cable free. WIFI gives ou the ability to control your 3D Printer from a different room and  you can even control multiple UP Mini 2's from one device. You can control your UP Mini 2 with a laptop, desktop computer or IPad. UP Studio allows you to personalize and name your UP Mini 2 3D Printers individually, so controlling a fleet of UP Mini 2’s in the workplace and education environment has never been easier

HEPA Filter

Minimise odors and keep your home, school or workplace clean with the UP Mini 2’s HEPA filtration system.The HEPA filtration system dramatically reduces your exposure to the fumes emitted when printing ABS plastics.

Touch Screen Control

The UP Mini 2’s touchscreen allows ease-of-access control. Tiertime have tried to make 3D Printing as convenient as possible wherever you are. The UP Mini 2 stores your 10 most recently printed files so you can print on the go.


The UP Mini 2’s aluminium handle makes carrying your UP Mini 2 easy offering you maximum portability. Simply lift the handle up for hassle-free relocation of the printer and push it back down for an unobtrusive and seamless touch when you are done.

Smart spool holder

The UP Mini 2's smart spool holder makes loading your 3D Printer easy. Fill the spool holder with your choice of 500g or 750g filament and start printing. The spool holder also features a handy tool box to store your 3D Printer finishing tools!


Build footprint of 120 x 120 x 120mm with heated build table.
Heat retention chamber to reduce warping.
Double linear bearings on each axis - ensures consistent build quality throughout the entire print process.
Layer resolution of 150 microns. 0.15mm
HEPA Filter
WIFI Connectivity
Smart Spool Holder (with Tool Box)
Touch Screen
Chip free and open consumables – You can use any suppliers 1.75mm diameter plastic with your UP! Mini. The UP! Mini consumable is an open design so you are not locked into expensive consumables as opposed to expensive inkjet cartridges.
USB interface for inkjet simplicity print spooling, you can unplug your computer once the UP! Mini starts printing.
New: WiFi connectivity for hassle-free wireless printing.
Includes the Smart UP! Studio, tools and a full roll of plastic to get you started.

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