Tooling Costs Cut by 97% by using 3D Printing (Click here for full article)

Author: microplus/Saturday, 26 October 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News, 3D Printed Items

Supplier of parts for household appliances and commercial vehicles in Germany (Robert Seuffer)  is using 3d printing in its manufacturing process to reduce the time and cost of producing injection molded spare parts.

Seuffer is using 3D Printing to produce injection molding tools

Seuffer can now design first drafts of an injection mold within a few days and 3d print them in less than 24 hours ready for part evaluation. This process would normally take 8 weeks to manufacture in metal using CNC Equipment. A conventional Tool costs 40,000 euros and the 3d printed tool is less than 1,000 euros. A massive 97% Saving.

3D Printed Tool

A 3D printed tool side by side with a conventional CNC milled tool 

See how 3D printed tools are helping Seuffer revolutionize product design and manufacturing.

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