Tiny Printed Things - Just How Small and Accurate can the UP Plus and UP Mini 3D Printer Print (Click Here for Article)

Author: microplus/Saturday, 20 July 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Mini 3D Printer, UP Plus 3D Printer, UP Box 3D Printer, 3D Printed Items

Can the UP 3D Printer print really tiny objects, is it accurate and precise. This is a question we have been asked many times. We decided to put the UP Plus and recently the UP Mini to the test on a very tiny 2.75mm Nut and Bolt.

The result is excellent. This tiny nut screws onto the bolt with excellent tolerance.The nut and bolt is so tiny it’s a real challenge to hold the parts and screw them together.

This sample was printed at: 
0.15mm Resolution on UP PLus 2
0.20mm Resolution on the UP Mini
Fine Setting
Solid Fill
Genuine1.75mm UP ABS White Plastic
As these parts are so small we printed 2 sets at the same time to give the parts a chance to cool during the print process.

Photo below

Tiny 3D Printed Nut and Bolt

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