The brand new UP Mini Platform Heater v2

Author: Matt Tyson/Friday, 18 September 2015/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Mini 3D Printer

After: UP Mini Platform Heater v2

3D Printing Solutions are proud to announce we are now selling the UP Mini Platform Heater v2. By studying the existing Platform Heater, UP reverse engineered its electronics to create a brand new heated bed design!

This superior platform heater board features:
Faster Heating
Higher Power
User-selectable temperature
More consistent bed heating
LED status lights


Before: Standard UP Mini Platform heater                     After: UP Mini Platform Heater v2

The updated heater bed also improves prints on the UP Mini! On the left is a 9 cm x 9 cm print, printed on an UP Mini using the standard heated bed after an hour of preheating. On the right is the same object printed with the same printer and configuration, however it was printed with the UP Platform Heater v2 set to 80 degrees with only a 5 minute preheat!

The tactile button allows selection of target temperature in 5-degree increments between 50°C to 80°C and are represented by four flashing yellow LEDs. When not in selection mode, these same four LEDs are solid lit in a combination that represents the current temperature. The temperature is also stored between print jobs! This is all supported by a digital temperature sensor with 0.5°C


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