STYX customize their restaurant with 3D printed utensils

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STYX customize their restaurant with 3D printed utensils

The democratization and widespread availability of 3D printing has enabled businesses to apply 3D printing in unique ways to improve their products and service.

Pascal Ballott is the owner of STYX, a chic restaurant located in Shanghai. To create the perfect dining atmosphere, many aspects of his restaurant have been customized like the wall paper and banquets.

With the aid of 3D printing, Pascal also manufactures customized napkin holders in-house featuring his company logo and branding. A self-described novice with basic photoshop and illustrator skills, turning his idea into a 3D design was fairly simple and easy to learn. With so many free or paid design programs available and a wide range of online tutorials, learning to design has never been easier.

Each napkin holder is printed in a unique filament called PolySmooth™ which is soluble in alcohol, the key to simplifying Pascals assembly and finishing process. By lightly painting alcohol on the surface of his parts, he can fuse each printed part together ensuring a strong join.

Of course in a restaurant setting, the ability to clean napkin holders is very important. Without post-processing it can be difficult to clean 3D printed parts as debris can easily become trapped within the layer lines. By printing with Polymakers PolySmooth™ filament, Pascal can easily post-process his napkin holders in the Polysher™, a unique machine designed to remove the layer lines of 3d prints with alcohol.

After polishing in the Polysher™, the STYX napkin holders have a glossy surface finish similar to that of injection moulded plastic which improves the finished look and quality of his part. Ready for service, these napkin holders are sealed, water resistant, easy to clean and stronger thanks to the PolySmooth™ and Polysher™ technology.

With the Polymaker Polysher™, users can easily change the quality of their 3D printed parts with a smooth glossy surface.

Watch as Pascal walks through the designing, printing and post-processing process behind his STYX branded napkin holders.

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