Schools & Education are using 3D Printers – Now Schools Can Benefit from Desktop 3D Printers

Author: microplus/Monday, 29 July 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Mini 3D Printer, UP Plus 3D Printer

In recent months we have spent a lot of time discussing 3D Printing Technology at a number of events. A large number of School Students have been keen to let us know they have a 3D Printer at their School. 

I like to ask what they are making and if they have used the 3D Printer. So many of these students say they have not been able to use the 3D Printer and usually only the best class project gets printed on the 3D Printer. This is really surprising and almost not fair. Further discussion typicaly reveals that the School has only 1 High End 3D Printer that cost between $12,000 and $20,000.

Desktop 3D Printing can solve this problem.
With the introduction of Quality Desktop 3D Printers this will change. Why spend $12,000 or more to purchase a high end 3D Printer when you can buy 11 Desktop 3D Printers for the same money. This way every Student will have a chance to print their own 3D designs and get real satisfaction from their technical skills. 

UP Desktop 3D Printers are ideal for heavy use.
The quality of Desktop 3D Printers from UP,  (UP Mini and UP Plus models) are true work horses. Our UP Plus is constantly printing proving to be a reliable and robust machine. With great software included anyone can send a print job to the printer. You don’t need to tinker around like you do with other Printers. 99% of the print jobs print perfect with the default settings. In addition the UP Printers use a common 1.75mm ABS Filament. This means you don't need genuine filaments that cost a fortune. 

So if you are thinking about adding 3D Printing into your school Tech Division consider the benefits of Desktop 3D Printers where every Technical Student can have a go.

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