PolyMax PLA - We test this superior filament

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We have used PolyMaker's "PolyMax PLA filament" on a number of projects and know it is stronger and more ductile than typical PLA and ABS Materials. 

We recently discussed the idea to make a Jig (3D Printed of course :-) to test the flexibility and strength of PolyMax and other PLA and ABS materials.

This discussion turned into reality with the video below.

Summary of our test results

Standard ABS
This material turned out a disappointing result as it began to fracture at only  49 Degrees. It had a major splinter type fracture but did not fully break until we bent it further.
Genuine UP ABS
The Genuine UP Filament has always been considered to be a high quality ABS filament. The UP ABS came in 2nd place with the fracture point occurring at 82 Degrees. Compared to Std ABS this material is far superior and continues to be our favorite ABS filament.

Quality PLA
This PLA performed very well. The fracture point 75 Deg was very similar to the other PolyMaker Filament "PolyPlus"

PolyPlus PLA
PolyPlus PLA was the best performer in the regular PLA Category. It performed slightly better than the Std Quality PLA.
PolyPlus fractured at 78 Deg

PolyMax PLA
The PolyMax test was a big surprise. we flexed it to 130 Degrees and it did not fracture at all. We were confident this material would win the shootout but this did exceed our own expectations. 

If you would like more details on our PolyMax Filament please look here 


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