PolyMax PLA 1.75mm Filament Review (Click here for full review)

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PolyMax PLA Filament Review

Polymaker promote PolyMax PLA as being a great alternative to ABS. This got
our curiosity going as ABS has been a favourite with 3D Printer users for a
long time.

When we promote any product our policy is to only sell products from reputable
suppliers with high quality products. From our first communication I was very
impressed with Polymaker as a company to deal with. This experience left me
thinking if their product is as good as their professionalism we have something
to look forward to .

As soon as the shipment arrived we started testing the PolyMax PLA, we tested
this filament using an UP PLus and UP Plus 2 3D Printer. using the default UP PLA
Spool setting.

Our test prints consisted of the following:
Hollow Wire Frame Teddy Bear
Rook Chess Piece
Cow Cookie Cutter

Filament Properties
PolyMax is a PLA based filament with an impact strength of 8 to 9 times that of 
standard PLA and 20% higher than ABS.

PolyMax comes on a good quality spool with 750g PLA filament. It is packed in a
Vacuum Resealable Pack and is supplied with clip to hold your filament in place 
on the spool when not in use. I was impressed that Polymakr are not into taking
shortcuts. While these are small things they are oversights from every Filament
manufacturer we have come across.

Using PolyMax
The PolyMax Filament extruded nicely with the UP Standard setup using PLA as
the spool setting in maintenance. The models bonded well to the standard UP
3D Printer Perfboard and also removed easily from the Perfboard. The support
material peels off nicely. Similar to Genuine UP ABS Filament. Another great
thing being PLA it does not warp at all.

How did it Print
This is the most important question. It prints really well. Unlike ABS it has a
slight shine. The surface finish is as fine as Genuine UP ABS which is fantastic
as Genuine UP ABS is well known for high quality prints. There is no apparent
smell when the PLA is printing. The printed items have a stronger feel about
them compared to ABS especially when flexed.

This is a great filament. We like it that much we are printing most of our in house
models with this filament at the moment as the finish is that good.

No smell
Environmentally friendly
Does not warp on the platform
Lower Print Temperature
Great Finish (As good as Genuine UP ABS or even better)
Nice Shine
Stronger impact resistance compared to regular PLA and ABS

PolyMax PLA Filament can be ordered from our Online Store here:
1.75mm PolyMax
3mm PolyMax

PolyMax PLA Graph
Enlarge Image

Comparison Image PLA vs ABS
Enlarge Image

3D Printed Rook PolyMax PLA Filament
Rook chess piece straight off the UP Plus 2 Printer
Enlarge Image

Cow Cookie Cutter with PolyMax PLA Filament
Cow Cookie Cutter Straight off the UP Plus 2 Printer
Enlarge Image

3D Printed Hollow Bear PolyMax PLA Filament

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