PolyMaker’s Friction Welding tutorial for 3D Printing

Author: Matt Tyson/Thursday, 3 March 2016/Categories: 3D Printing News, 3D Printed Items

You may remember last year in our 3D Printed Guitar article we mentioned a technique we used called Friction Welding which we used to join the four sections of guitars back plate together.

3D Printers are limited to what they can print due to the size of their build platform. A common work around for those of us who dream big, is to slice the 3D model into sections that fit the printers build platform and then gluing the printed parts together. This works great for many applications, however for some parts this can have limitations on the strength of the finished product. Friction welding creates a much stronger joint as 3D Printer filament fuses the components together. Friction Welding is also great for thin or small components that don't have enough surface area to provide a strong join for glue.

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