PolyMaker PC Plus Poly Carbonate Lift Challenge

Author: microplus/Friday, 29 January 2016/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Box 3D Printer, 3D Printed Items, 3D Printing Design Software

3D Printing is now a serious tool for real Business and Consumer applications. With new materials like the new PC-Plus PolyCarbonate 3D Printing filament products that need to withstand high tensile strenght can be made on desktop 3d printers thanks to high tech 3D Filament manufacturers like PolyMaker.

We thought it would be fun to design and print a Car Style Scissor Jack for our PolyMaker PC-Plus PolyCarbonate challenge.  We designed the Scissor Jack from scratch using FormZ Pro 3D Design Software. The FormZ Pro Software made the task of creating the Nuts and Bolts a breeze and to create the gears that keep the jack stable as it rises we used the FormZ gear making tool which saved a lot of time. We Printed the components using PolyMakers PC-Plus PolyCarbonate filament using Our UP Box 3D Printer. This jack was printed at 0.10mm resolutions using the finest fill settings.

We decided produce the entire Jack using 3D printed materials as we did not want the results influenced by materials like steel. All of the jack components were printed with PC-Plus Poly Carbonate with the exception of the white non slip cap which was produced from PolyFlex.

The test result was fantastic with the Jack lifting 240kg (almost a quarter tonne). Further more the Jack showed no signs of strain or stress after the lift.


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