Poly Carbonate 3D Printed Outboard Propeller Powers Boat at full speed

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Poly Carbonate 3D Printed Outboard Propeller Powers Boat at full speed

3D Printed Outboard Propeller!!

One of our colleagues Bruce Jackson and Design Company 3DClone created a 3D Printed outboard propeller using various 3D Printer filament materials to see which material would survive the best.

Propeller Design Scanned and Drawn

Due to the unique shape of an outboard motor propeller they decided to scan an original Yamaha Outboard propeller using the Scanmaster Plus 3D Scanner. The Scanmaster Plus 3D Scanner can scan with accuracy 0.1mm so it was perfect for this challenge. As it is near impossible to scan the internal spline of the propeller the spline was added via Cad Design Software.

The filaments tested were 

Carbon Fibre
PLA Wood type filament
ABS Filament
PolyMaker PC-Pus Poly Carbonate

Massive Thrust and Load

This project was of particular interest to me as I was an Outboard Motor Technician for many years. The thrust produced by an outboard motor and load against the boat in the water is massive. The other factor that impressed me was the propeller appeared to be well balanced. When a propeller is out of balance the vibration created is enough cause serious damage to the propeller and outboard motor. Considering this was scanned and then printed on the popular UP Box Desktop 3D Printer the result is amazing.

The test results were:

Carbon Fibre    (Failed in the Test Tank
ABS                      (Blades fractured and failed during the open water boat test).
PLA Wood           (like Filament (Spline failed during the open water boat test)
PolyMaker Poly Carbonate Winner Successfully handled the full thrust of the Outboard motor and powered the boat to full speed without any damage.

PolyMakers PC-Plus Poly Carbonate  is taking 3D printing possibilities to new levels. We can now produce high load and impact products with desktop 3D Printers.

Click Image below to watch the video of the shootout here.

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