Justin Hartwig from Mournful Congregation plays our 3D Printed Guitar!

Author: Matt Tyson/Friday, 17 July 2015/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Box 3D Printer, 3D Printed Items

Last month I visited Allans Billy Hyde music store to make some musical purchases, I decided to bring our 3D Printed guitar with me to show the staff and my friend Justin Hartwig (Allans Staff member and the guitarist of Mournful Congregation) our new 3D Printed Guitar. We had great and interesting discussions with one of the staff members about the possibility of guitar manufacturers using recycled plastic and woods to make more environmentally friendly instruments and the possibilities of 3D Printing in the music industry. 

Justin gave our guitar a really nice test drive running through a VOX AC30 with blue alnico speakers. After playing and giving the guitar a listen it was great to hear that Justin thought the guitar had some great potential, especially considering we used stock components for this iteration of the project.

Close up photos of our 3D Printed Guitar printed on the UP Box with PolyMax PLA ,Photography by Vueey Le

Justin's band 'Mournful Congregation', playing Roskilde Festival 2014, Denmark.

You can read our full article on the 3D Printed guitar (Including the STL files) HERE!

Checkout Justin's Youtube channel JAHartwigMedia Inc. for some great guitar videos!
If you are a fan of Metal, Justin is the guitarist of the Doom metal band Mournful Congregation, they have had great success overseas, touring the US, Europe, Japan and even playing Roskilde Festival 2014 in Denmark. Justin is currently recording another studio album with his other band Black Orchid and is in the process of writing a solo guitar instrumental album. 

For any musical needs I highly recommend you check out Allans Billy Hyde and if you happen to be in Adelaide Justin and the rest of the Allans staff will be sure to look after you!

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