Industry Commentators believe 3D Printing will change manufacturing forever (Click here for full Article)

Author: microplus/Thursday, 25 April 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News

The Future:

Here are some interesting predictions and opinions from Industry Commentators:

  • 3D Printers will be as common as coffee machines in the household.
  • Instead of going to your local store many basic items like a garden hose fittings will be purchased direct from the manufacturer by simply paying a low price for the 3D Print File. Customers will then simply print the item out on the 3D Printer. This is an interesting concept as the customer needs no designing skills to print the product. From the Manufacturers point of view production costs are reduced, freight and distribution is not required, packaging is not required and there is no excess stock holding or wastage as the consumer only produces what they require. This would also be a great benefit to our environment.
  • Ordinary people with ideas or inventions could be the driving forces for Manufacturers all around the world as 3D Printers open the door for small run production. You could be able to simply send a print file to the manufacturer, get a sample sent back, then approve and confirm your product order. This could open a whole new business model for manufacturing.

What’s happening today?

  • Right now you can design an idea or invention and send it to a 3D Printing Bureau to turn the product into a reality or if you own a 3D Printer you can do it yourself.
  • Right now you can download 3D Print Files from thousands or free things available from community 3D Printing For example if you need a new plastic nozzle for your Silicone cartridge don’t worry just download a 3D Print file from thingiverse and print one or more out. There are 1000’s of things you can download and print from tools, toys, house items, designer items, gadgets, models, and fashion. Chances are if you can think of it you can most likely download it at and produce it for free.

These comments are really interesting. When mobile phones first came out they were dismissed as business tools only, when personal computers came out they were considered as business tools and suitable for gamers only and internet soon changed that opinion. One thing is for sure, the next 5 to 10 years will be exciting and could just be the game changer that will open up new opportunities for ordinary people.

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