Guinness World Record Largest 3D Printed Structure printed with PolyPlus PLA

Author: Matt Tyson/Sunday, 30 October 2016/Categories: 3D Printing News, 3D Printed Items, 3D Printer Filament

Guinness World Record Largest 3D Printed Structure printed with PolyPlus PLA

With the overnight rise of the interest in 3D Printing, came a competitive drive for groups to try push the envelope of what’s possible with this technology. Sometimes these projects are to demonstrate function and other times taking an idea to excess. 

One company, DeFacto decided to tackle the Guinness World record for the largest 3D printed structure creating what they call the “Rise Pavilion”. DeFacto was commissioned design this structure for their client, Rise Education and was printed with 1.87 tons of Polymakers PolyPlus PLA! While some readers may be thinking “What a waste of plastic” the message and after life of this project is fantastic!

The Pavilion was constructed  with over 5,300 modular bricks spanning over 1180 square feet with each of its 5 arcs representing a sector of the competition: heath, transportation, society, education, art and design. 
Defacto refer to these bricks at a poly-brick as they were designed to have a variety of applications after the project. Some examples include pot plant holders, decorative storage containers and lamp shades. When the exhibition closed on September 6th, all of the student participants were allowed to take home a brick from the Rise Pavilion to be used as they like. The goal behind this project was to bring environmental awareness for younger generations to consider recycling and ecological design.

To save time and material wastage, the poly-brick was printed with no support material and every brick was printed in 45 days on 70 desktop 3D printers! Every Poly-brick was printed in PolyPlus PLA due to its affordability and Jam-Free technology which ensured extremely smooth extrusion and no nozzle jams during the project.

You can watch the Polymaker interview with the rise Pavilion designer David Doepel below!

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