Making Sparkly Christmas Ornaments with Polymakers Polysher

Author: Matt Tyson/Thursday, 22 December 2016/Categories: 3D Printed Items, 3D Printer Filament

Making Sparkly Christmas Ornaments with Polymakers Polysher

During the festive season we have been printing away like elves in Santas workshop, testing the exciting new Polysher by Polymaker. You have probably noticed us talking about the Polysher during the year, but just in case you haven't, the Polysher is a new 3D Print post processing machine that dramatically removes those pesky layer lines from your prints with alcohol. To work with this technology Polymaker developed PolySmooth, a new material that is alcohol soluble. Together, the material and machine produce really fantastic smooth and glossy results.

After polishing, the models are quite sticky so it is best to wait an hour before touching the part. This isn't a problem since you can just remove the platform and set it on the counter as the print dries, leaving the Polysher ready to start smoothing your next part. With this in mind, I was really excited about the possibilities of applying metallic powders or glitters during this small window of drying time. I'm very impressed that It worked and I'm thrilled to share the result with you!

How we did it?

We printed this Christmas Tree model on the FlashForge Creator Pro with standard PLA settings in PolySmooth Coral Red. Obviously we didn't want to sprinkle glitter directly onto the Polysher platform as cleaning up the excess glitter would be a total nightmare, and could damage the Polysher.  We designed a special stand that held the model off the platform allowing us to safely remove the model before it was dry. The process was as simple as setting the desired polishing time on the Polysher. After 25 minutes in the Polysher our Christmas tree was now ready for a makeover. 

You need to add the glitter as soon as the Polysher has finished while the model is still sticky and wet. To add the glitter we recommend placing the model on a clean table with some baking tray paper or news paper underneath. This will make cleaning up to excess glitter easy. Simply sprinkle the amount of glitter you desire. After drying not all the glitter will stay bonded to the part, so its better to add a little more than you want on the finished part.

You can generally  touch the model an hour after Polishing, the part can still be tacky but you you won't ruin the finish. For this ornament I decided to wait a little longer than usual to ensure the glitter wouldn't just rub off. When i did finally handle the Christmas tree, some glitter did rub off as expected, but over all the result looked fantastic!

I think this showcases a really cool secret feature for Polymakers Polysher, aside from its amazing smoothing capabilities you can now easily customize your 3D Prints prints with craft supplies like glitter!

Look forward to more tips and tricks on the Polymaker Polysher in the new year 2017!

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