Featured 3D Print: OpenRC F1 Project

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Featured 3D Print: OpenRC F1 Project

It is quite possible you may not recognize the name Daniel Norée, but if you have spent any time on Thingiverse, Youtube or one of the many 3D printing Facebook groups it is likely you have already heard of one of his designs, the 3D Benchy. 3D Benchy is as its name suggests a '3D benchmark' file, used to test various 3D printer settings such as extrusion, bridging, retraction and cooling. The Benchy gained popularity not only due to its effectiveness as a testing model, but also because the end result is a cute little boat. 

3D Benchy designed by Daniel Norée & 3D printed by Polymaker

Whilst the 3D Benchy is a nice testing model, I think Daniel Norées other designs / projects, specifically his series of OpenRC projects; are truly underrated.

The Open RC project was conceived by Daniel Norée as a way to push the limits and boundaries of what desktop 3d printing was perceived to be capable of and since its initial conception, he has designed everything from an OpenRC Quadcopter, Truggy up to my personal favorite; the F1 Racing Car. Daniel has made all these OpenRC projects open source which has generated a whole community of makers who have developed their own modifications weather it be for aesthetic or functional customization.

The F1 Car itself has had many updates and changes over the years for makers to choose from. We ultimately decided we would print the 3rd generation Dual Extrusion design as the extra highlights made the F1 Car really shine. Thanks to a detailed BOM and some great online assembly tutorials, this project is incredibly straight forward and a great project for beginner or experts.

Daniel had designed and sliced the parts to minimize support material which made printing on our Guider II and Creator Pro incredibly easy. We printed all body, rim and steering components in PolySmooth, this material was ideal as it enabled us to easily post processing the parts with Polymakers Polysher to achieve a fantastic smooth and glossy surface. We printed the standard tires in Polymakers PolyFlex however if you are a tire enthusiast, you can customize your F1 car with one of the many awesome modified tires. 

If you have the patience and commitment to print all 45 3d printed parts we highly recommend joining the OpenRC community and printing this fantastic project!

Click here to visit Daniel Norées Thingiverse

If you are interested in a personalized car, checkout our curated Thingiverse collection highlighting some of our favorite OpenRC modifications and files.

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