Exclusive Launch: 3D Printer Starters Companion Guide

Author: Matt Tyson/Wednesday, 17 April 2019/Categories: 3D Printing News

Exclusive Launch: 3D Printer Starters Companion Guide

The world of 3D printing is expansive with no shortage of information and advice available on the internet. These resources have been incredibly handy for troubleshooting, but with so many printer brands on the market the best advice for one printer isn’t the best for another. The wide range of advice and different preferences can certainly complicate things for beginners.

  • Should I be oiling my filament?
  • How do I reflash the firmware.
  • I should be using Simplify3D or Cura right? I read that’s what everyone uses.

These are some of the questions we commonly hear. In some cases beginners will start implementing solutions to problems they haven’t and may never experience with their machine, sometimes causing new problems along the way.

I find the first day of printing is key! It can be demoralising to unbox a printer but have no successful prints to show by the end of the day. With any new technology there is always a learning experience, for some it takes a few hours and for others a few days or maybe even a week but it is important to have a successful print early on and a baseline print to work from. Holding your first print, perfect or not is always satisfying.” – Matt Tyson, 3D Printing Solutions Australia

The 'Companion guide to a successful first 3D Print' is an exclusive digital resource included with every printer purchase from 3D Printing Solutions Australia. This companion guide assists and walks through the process for customers as they unbox and prepare for their first print. 

Our companion guide isn’t designed to replace the printer manual, rather our guide fills the gaps that can sometimes exist in the manuals. We recommend new users take a simplified approach, for example no dual extrusion until you have printed with a single extruder. Their first print may not have the finest layer height or silkiest surface, but it will hopefully reduce the risk of print failure and wasted filament.” – Matt Tyson, 3D Printing Solutions Australia

Once completing the guide, a basic print quality trouble shooting guide is included to help cover how to improve various areas of print quality so customers can begin focusing on printing for their application.

Of course this guide isn't limited to new customers, if you have purchased a printer from us in the past and would like a copy of this guide, reach out to us and include a copy of your invoice and serial number.

In addition to the companion guide, 3D Printing Solutions proudly act as the first line for warranty and support requirements and with our growing list of freely available user guides there are no shortage of support options.

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