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With a growing interest of makers in aerial robotics, IIT Bombay based nano-drone startup, Drona Aviation, is set to empower drone innovations at grass-roots level. Their latest product PlutoX, the most open and affordable aerial robotics kit for makers, is set to accelerate the development of drone ideas into reality.

Being tinkerers ourselves, we’re well aware of the demotivating crashes, burdensome coding and other challenges that limit the scope of tinkering and innovating with drones. PlutoX was engineered particularly ensuring agility, durability and affordability for fellow tinkerers,” says Apurva Godbole, co-founder of this drone startup

PolyMax™ PLA was an important contributor to their development efforts. Their co-founder and Tech Lead Prasanna Shevare adds –
As a tech startup, we use rapid prototyping a lot. 3D printing is the base of our process and we used PLA for its easy printable nature. However, the strength of normal PLA did not help the rigorous test and crashes that drones generally face. This is where Polymax™ PLA came to rescue. PolyMax™ PLA has provided us with the freedom to crash our drones as much as we want to without breakages.

This video gives a clear demonstration of the capabilities of the frame they built because of PolyMax™ PLA that now they use beyond just prototyping to actual manufacturing of final products.

With Cygnus IDE integrated, the PlutoX kit brings never-seen-before agile development in a single nano-drone DIY kit, making it easier to modify its activity by simply flashing a pre-written code through the Pluto phone app. Additionally, it enables existing drone tinkerers to accelerate their aerial robotics journey by optimizing hardware modularity with 16 GPIOs, all supported on an original, proprietary designed board.

Instead of slowing down tinkerers with a cumbersome process to add hardware like cameras, sensors or even another board to their drones, we want to make development easy for them. We want to fuel their imagination and encourage them to explore more possibilities while tinkering,
says the CTO and co-founder, Prasanna Shevre

When they gave a few test pieces to some alpha tinkerers, they built some amazing things like an inflammable gas sensing drone, An Airship, a rover, a life guarding micro-drone, a hybrid and many others.

With 30,000+ students trained on drones and with the Pluto Racing League–India’s first nano-drone racing league, Drona Aviation has made a mark in the Indian drone industry already. They will now extend their efforts to tech and flying enthusiasts across the the world with the launch of PlutoX through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, on August 15th, 2018.

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