Christmas buyers guide for 2019

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Christmas buyers guide for 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes our 2019 Christmas buyers guide! 

Ideas for everyone

PolyLite™ Filament

Price: Starting from $39.95 inc GST

The PolyLite™ range of filaments from Polymaker quickly became our number one best seller and you know what they say; you can NEVER have enough filament.

Available in PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA and PC; the PolyLite™ range of filaments are made with the best raw materials to deliver exceptional quality and reliability and have been engineered as a cost effective solution for everyday 3D printing.

PolyLite™ PLA is the most popular choice in the range, delivering a high-quality PLA that has been designed for reliability and ease of printing. Compared to other PLA materials, PolyLite™ PLA offers some significant benefits, boasting better strength and featuring Polymakers Jam-Free™ technology.

Visit store - PolyLite™ PLAPolyLite™ PETGPolyLite™ ABSPolyLite™ ASAPolyLite™ PC

PolyBox™ Dry Box

Price: $89.95 inc GST

No doubt a 3D printers best friend, the PolyBox™ is an awesome accessory for any user. The majority of 3D printing filaments absorb moisture from the surrounding air which can significantly impact the quality of a 3D print. As the filament is extruded, moisture absorbed in the plastic will rapidly expand, boil and rupture, forming bubbles in the extruded plastic. These bubbles can have a significant impact on the surface quality, layer adhesion and mechanical performance of your 3D printed parts.

The PolyBox™ is a filament storage box that allows you to store materials in their optimum printing environment while still being able to print with them. With the PolyBox™, humidity is maintained below 15% to eliminate moisture problems and the product can house up to two 1kg spools simultaneously or one 3kg spool.

Visit store - PolyBox™

Ideas for beginners

PolySmooth™ Filament

Price: Starting from $59.95 inc GST (Polysher™ sold seperately)

PolySmooth™ is a first of its kind material specifically engineered for safe and hands free post-processing. With PolySmooth™ your 3D prints no longer need to look 3D printed! The formula of PolySmooth™ is incredibly unique and engineered to combine excellent surface quality, usability and functional mechanical performance that is stronger than PLA and PETG. Making FDM 3D printed models smooth has never been easier and is an awesome choice for any user building model trains, table top miniatures, art work and functional household furnishings.

For the best results PolySmooth™ can be post-processed with Polymakers Polysher™ machine, however those on a tight budget can certainly have fun manual spray or dip polishing processes with PolySmooth™ and isoproply alcohol.

Visit store - PolySmooth™ / Polysher™

Adventurer 3 3D Printer

Price: $669.00 inc GST

A popular 3D printer for first timers, the Adventurer 3 is designed as an easy to use printer with beginner use in mind. The Adventurer 3's compact, low maintenance, affordable and equipped with a heated bed and an enclosed print volume. With the Adventurer 3 users can experiment with a variety of different materials like PLA, PETG and ABS.

Visit store - Adventurer 3

Accessories - Platform removal tool

Price: $21.58 inc GST

These are by far our most used tool, with five scattered around our office we always have a removal scraper within reach. Unfortunately many platform removal tools are simply not sharp enough to easily remove the models, we have found these tools are just sharp enough to make print removal a whole lot easier.

Visit store - Platform removal tool

PolyMax™ PLA / PolyMax™ PETG Filament

Price: Starting from $69.95 inc GST

Making functional 3D printing easy, PolyMax™ is a family of advanced 3D printing filaments produced with Polymaker’s Nano-reinforcement technology, to deliver exceptional mechanical properties and printing quality.

PolyMax™ PLA is an incredibly easy-to-print filament with improved mechanical properties, making it an excellent alternative to ABS. Featuring Polymakers Jam-Free™ and Nano-reinforcement technologies; PolyMax™ PLA exhibits vastly superior impact strength with up to 20% improvement when compared to regular ABS and up to 9 times that of regular PLA and PLA+ materials.

3D printed guitar; printed with PolyMax™ PLA filament.

PolyMax™ PETG offers better mechanical properties than any other regular PETG making it a good candidate for a wide range of applications. PolyMax™ PETG is a fantastic material for users who have difficulty printing high temperature materials without warping but require the functionality of ABS. Just like PLA and other PETG filaments the dimensional stability of PolyMax™ PETG is excellent, allowing users to print large parts without the same risk of warping that is associated with ABS.

Monitor bracket; 3D printed with PolyMax™ PETG filament.

Visit store - PolyMax™ PLA / PolyMax™ PETG

PolyWood™ Filament

Price: $77.00 inc GST

Wood filaments can be a hassle to use and PolyWood™ is here to change this. Meet the first wood mimic filament without actual wood powder, which removes all risks of nozzle clogs associated with other wood filaments. PolyWood™ is made entirely with PLA using a special foaming technology. It exhibits the same density and appearance as wood.

Visit store - PolyWood™

Ideas for Adults (AKA big kids) or even yourself!

If budget isn't a concern we have plenty of exciting products for the big kids in your life or perhaps even as an early gift for yourself.

PolyMax™ PC Filament

Price: $69.95 inc GST

An awesome material for functional projects; PolyMax ™ PC is recognized as one of the strongest materials and best choices for replacement applications and has been used to produce spare parts for users spanning automotive, agricultural, household, hospitality, mining and construction applications. Offering excellent heat resistance and withstanding loads up to 113°C, PolyMax ™ PC been used to fabricate suitable replacements for both metal and plastic parts.

PolyMax™ PC has been engineered specifically with compatibility and usability in mind. PolyMax™ PC not only offers excellent properties and print quality, but also benefits in printability when compared to other PC filaments. With a lower extrusion temperature (250 - 270˚C), PolyMax™ PC is an accessible PC filament that can be printed on a wider range of 3D printers.

Visit store - PolyMax™ PC​

Guider IIS 3D Printer

Price: $2650

The FlashForge brand has been a staple in the 3D Printing industry for the last few years, offering users fantastic printing quality and reliability at an affordable price.

The Guider IIS is FlashForges new updated flagship 3D Printer designed to provide excellent printing quality, material versatility with a large build volume. The Guider IIS is equipped with FlashForges new innovative extruder design which provides a completely encircled air supply to elevate printing smoothness.

Visit store - Guider IIS

Dremel 3D45 3D Printer

Price: $3,095.00 inc GST

Bring the power of advanced FDM 3D printing to your desktop with the Dremel 3D45. 

Dremel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch - which is renown among the maker community for excellent quality products and no doubt we agree. This machine has offered us one of best plug 'n play experiences yet, simplifying both the printing and calibration process while providing the flexibility and freedom for experimentation. One of our number one recommendations to education departments, the capable Dremel 3D45 is also a suitable workhorse for the household.

Visit store - Dremel 3D45

Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter

Price: 3,795.00 inc GST

A powerful tool for any maker, the Emblaser 2 is an Australian made laser cutter and engraving machine priding its self as the next generation in 3D Laser cutting. The Emblaser 2 has a 500 x 300mm work area with a maximum material height of 50mm and can cut a variety of different materials.

With advanced safety features, the Emblaser 2 sets a new standard for power and efficiency with its Material Ignition Alter (MIA). The MIA constantly monitors the potential ignition of a material, a situation that may arise in any laser cutter. If detected, MIA places the Emblaser in a safety mode while sounding a warning alarm.

Visit store - Emblaser 2

UP300 3D Printer

Price: $3,437.50 inc GST

November / December Promotion Available - Offer ends December 24th 2019

Voted best workhorse 3D Printer of Fall 2019 by the UP300 by Tiertime is one of our go to choices for functional 3D printing. Since the company’s inception, Tiertime has always believed software should make 3D printing easier, not more difficul. This approach has succeeded with the UP300 combining the latest advances in hardware with their packaged UP Studio printing software. 

Designed for professionals, educators and household users, the UP300 is a  fully enclosed 3D printer that ships with three specialized print heads each optimized for a different material type; flexible (TPU), low temperature (PLA) and high temperature (ABS). This approach improves material versatility and compatibility with materials across a wide range of printing temperatures.

Visit store - UP300

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