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Last week I needed a new External Hard Drive to backup my computer. I ordered a 2.5" External Hard Drive Case and a new 2.5" Slim 7mm Thick Drive. When the components arrived I realised the solution was not ideal.

The Drive housing was better suited for the older 9mm thick hard drives. This looked like another job for our 3D Printer.

The problem is the clearance between the external hard drive casing and the 
Slim 7mm Drive. While the housing accommodates the new thin drive, the drive 
rattles around in the housing. This is suicide for the Hard Drive as any movement 
causes potential damage to the hard drive. I needed to come up with a simple part to support the drive inside the case 
External Hard Drive Case 
While is it hard to see in this picture the clearance between the top and bottom of the hard drive and the case is excessive which allows the hard drive to rattle in the case.

Using Formz 3D Design software I was able to quickly design a simple sleeve that slides over the hard drive.

The UP Plus 2 printed this in 14mins .

 Formz Junior Draw Spacer

Formz 3D Drawing

3D Printed Spacer

3D Printed Support Spacer

The spacer was designed to be a firm fit to provide maximum support and prevent movement inside the external hard drive case.

This was an ideal small job for 3D Printing.

Hard Drive with Spacer

Hard Drive with the 3D Printed Support Spacer fitted.
Image of the External Case with the Hard Drive snugly installed. External Hard Drive

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