3D Printing Solves missing towel rail dilemma!

Author: Matt Tyson/Monday, 22 May 2017/Categories: 3D Printing News

3D Printing Solves missing towel rail dilemma!

We recently moved into a new Business Premises. As with all new buildings there are thing that need to be done after you move in.  In our case one thing that was missing was a Towel Rail in the washroom. The previous tenant had left 4 screw holes in the wall were the Towel Rail should be.

Decisions to make! 

Do we travel from Hardware Store to Hardware Store to try and find a good match. Very unlikely that we would find anything and chances are we would waste too much time.

Do we plug up the holes in the wall, then still have to go to a Hardware store and buy paint and paint the whole washroom. This is not an exciting prospect either.

Do we draw up some simple rail mounts that perfectly matches the holes in the wall and 3D Print them. 

3D Printing provided the simplest solution to our dilemma. Using the ‘Extrude’, ‘Sweep’ and ‘Fillet’ functions in Fusion 360, I was able to design a rail mount easily in around 20 minutes. I designed the mount to have a tolerance of 0.4mm which allowed easy assembly of the mount and aluminium rod.

We decided to use the new PolySmooth for this project as we were able to produce not only a mechanically suitable part but also a print that could be post processed with Polymakers new Polysher. 20 minutes in the Polysher took this print from looking like a standard 3d printed part into a finished smooth and glossy professional part. Perfection!


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