3D Printing saves a special day.

Author: microplus/Sunday, 1 May 2016/Categories: 3D Printing News

3D Printing saves a special day.

What is that saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”
Yesterday I forgot our wedding anniversary; fortunately I was saved when my son reminded me after my wife mentioned it to him in the morning. Every male knows you cannot forget your wedding anniversary and stay in the good books on that special day.
Fortunately for me my wife appreciates the thought more that the gift. We don’t usually buy expensive gifts for our wedding anniversary unless it is a milestone anniversary. 

I thought this day could be painful what can I do. Thanks to my son reminding me, I was able to save face by wishing my wife a happy wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something special to bring some joy to the day.
I know what to do, a quick trip to thingiverse. Within minutes I found a nice Owl Wedding Couple, perfect! My wife was heading out to the shops to buy a Cake. These Wedding Owls will complement the cake. With little time to spare I downloaded the Owl Wedding Couple STL Files loaded them up into our UP Box Printer. Picked out a nice Gold Filament and got printing. 4 Hours later the owls were printed just in time to place on the cake after dinner. 
I placed the Wedding Owls on the Cake hoping my wife would enjoy the thought. Bingo she loved the Wedding Owls and we both had a laugh. 
Thanks to Thingiverse and 3D Printing some joy was added to our Wedding Anniversary. 

Now I better not forget next year.

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