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Project: Create a better Curtain Glide with a 3D Printer

The original curtain glides come off the rail all the time. 

The problem is caused by the back of Curtain Glider that slides into the Curtain Rail.
This happens because it is too small and as the curtain slides across the rail it twists
and falls out.

My challenge is to create a alternative Curtain Hook that will not break and not come
of the rail. 

I started with free software from the internet named FREECAD. After watching a
couple of Youtube Videos it was time to start.

The new curtain glider is basically the same as original design but with improvements,
The design process took around 30 minutes in FREECAD.

With the UP Plus 3D Printer loaded up with white ABS the new curtain glide was
printed in no time at 0.15 Resolution and the most solid fill.

The new curtain glide fitted the curtain rail perfectly and there is no way this glide
will come off the rail.

Finally a solution! after spending over 5 years randomly checking stores for curtain
glides that would fix the issue, the end solution was under my own control with our
3D Printer.

There are a lot of weird and wonderful items that have been 3D printed and displayed
on the internet. I thought I would share this with you as it is a solution to an everyday
problem that we put up with for over 5 years. 3D Printers really do provide solutions to
real every day problems.

Original Curtain Glider

Off the shelf Curtain Glide
Custom 3D Designed and Printed Curtain Glider 
Custom designed 3D Printed Curtain Glide

Screen Capture of my design in FREECAD

Photo 3 3D Printed Curtain Glider

Another Screen Capture of the design in FREECAD

3D Design Curtain Glider

Screen Capture of the Design in the UP 3D Printer Software ready to send to the UP 3D printer.

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