3D Printers produce a whole new breed of inventors (Click here for full article)

Author: microplus/Monday, 13 May 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News

Whenever I demonstrate one of our 3D Printers the reaction is most often the same. Comments like Amazing, Unbelievable, your kidding me etc. It usually takes a little while for the person to realise what 3D printing really means to the world around them.

Once that realisation hits many just cannot stop thinking about what they can do with a 3D Printer. I hear comments like “My head hurts I just cannot stop thinking about it”. Soon after a lot of people start thinking about improving existing products that don’t fulfil their needs or creating products to solve problems they have had in their everyday lives for years. People like these will be our next generation of inventors.

We have all had ideas for great products but these ideas are usually abandoned due to the cost and the ability to turn the idea into a real product. 3D Printing changes all of that.

Whether your idea is to make a product for yourself or create a product to sell the masses, 3D Printing can help.

Preparation for Mass Product Production Costs is now lower with 3D Printing
If you decide to produce a product to sell in large volume you face Injection Moulding costs like tooling etc. Before committing to these costs you want to be sure your product will do the job and be in demand. With 3D Printers you can create your prototype product for the cost of your time and the plastic used to print it. At 6 to 8 cents per gram of ABS plastic the cost is almost non existent.


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