3D Printed Tyre with Experimental Rubber like ABS Filament (Click here for article)

Author: microplus/Saturday, 29 June 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News, UP Mini 3D Printer, UP Plus 3D Printer, 3D Printed Items

New experimental rubber like ABS 3D Printer Filaments are starting to appear in the market.

I decided to test some of this 3D filament on a RC Remote Control Car Tyre.

Here are a range of photos of tyre and wheel printed on the
UP Plus 3D Printer.

The wheel itself was printed using genuine UP White ABS
Filament and the Tyre was printed with an experimental Rubber
like ABS Filament.
3D Printed Tyre Image 1
The Tyre has a raised tread pattern that came out quite reasonable.  3D Printed Tyre Image 2
The finished tyre is very flexible
Flexible 3D Printed Tyre
You can twist it, bend it and it returns to its original shape.
Flexed 3D Printed Tyre

I painted the 3D Printed Tyre with a Black Gloss Enamel Paint. Probably should have used a Matt Finish but decided to use what I had lying around.

The painted finish helps to show the Tread detail on the Tyre.

Print Settings on the UP 3D Printer were:

Z Resolution 0.25mm

Finest Fill Setting

No Raft

Quality Fine

Nozzle Clearance 0.30mm

I found that I needed to unravel the filament off the reel while it printed because it tended to stop feeding as the filament tends get caught on the reel due to its tacky surface.

Tyre on Rim
Tyre on Rim Side View
Tyre Tread

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