3D Printed Battery as small as a grain of sand (Click here for more info)

Author: microplus/Thursday, 20 June 2013/Categories: 3D Printing News

Harvard University and University of Illinois teams used a custom printer and ink to produce batteries,

A nozzle .03 millimeters or 30 microns wide deposited layers of nanoparticle-packed paste in a comb-like shape. A second printed comb nested into the first, their teeth interlocked. These functioned as the two halves of electrodes which conduct electricity. The battery is just a millimeter in width. It is perfectly suited to be a power source for tiny computers. It is also the first battery to ever be fabricated by a 3D Printer.

The tiny interlocking combs of specialized ink could power human implants, drones and cameras. Each microbattery is thinner than a human hair. 
Micro Small 3D Printed Battery 


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