Hasbro team up with Formlabs to make anyone a hero!

Author: Matt Tyson/Wednesday, 3 August 2022/Categories: 3D Printing News

Hasbro team up with Formlabs to make anyone a hero!

In partnership with Formlabs, Hasbro is giving fans a chance to digitally transform themselves into the action heroes and heroines they see on-screen and imagine themselves as part of the stories they love. From an X-Wing pilot, morphing into a Power Ranger, silently stalking Cobra as Snake Eyes, or swinging through the New York cityscape like Spiderman, fans can indulge in the ultimate consumer experience with the Hasbro Selfie Series figures.

The two companies began working together in 2014 when Hasbro started using Formlabs 3D printers to rapidly prototype action figures. Now, the partnership has evolved from prototyping to end-product manufacturing, enabling fans to create personalized action figures based on classic to current characters seen across popular films, television series and comics. To bring the Hasbro Selfie Series idea from concept to reality, Hasbro utilized more than 30 Form 3 printers, a new resin developed by Formlabs’ material scientists, and a custom designed digital workflow. Formlabs also tailored its PreForm and Dashboard software specifically for Hasbro to further integrate Formlabs’ API into Hasbro’s other manufacturing functions.

For customers, ordering a custom action figure is easy thanks to the Hasbro Pulse app. Users scan their face with a smartphone, pick a character, and have the new figure arrive at their doorstep.

"To the fan, we're delivering one figure. There's nothing mass about it. You're going to get the figure you want, with the hairstyle that you want, with your face on it. You are becoming that action figure."
Brian Chapman - Head of Global Design and Development @ Hasbro

“Our work with Hasbro continues to evolve to be at the forefront of innovation,” said Max Lobovsky, CEO and co-founder of Formlabs. “3D printing has long been viewed as a prototyping tool, but the Hasbro Selfie Series personalization platform demonstrates that Formlabs enables end-product manufacturing at scale. I love making and personalizing things I use and am excited to see how fans react to this new 3D printing-powered experience.”

Patrick Marr, Sr Director Model Development at Hasbro, added: “The modern consumer demands a personalized approach to products that can be ordered from anywhere and quickly delivered. The scalability of Formlabs 3D printers has made them our ‘go-to’ partner for many product development projects within Hasbro. Thanks to Formlabs, we can take a customized, user-centric approach to product development, deepening the customer connection and strengthening brand loyalty.”

Formlabs worked with Hasbro to develop a custom resin which enabled a diverse range of colors for skin and hair tones. Beyond offering aesthetics, the material had to be skin safe and durable, meeting the high standards Hasbro sets for its action figures. Based on Formlabs Tough 1500 Resin, the new material produces prints that simulate polypropylene (PP) parts in terms of stiffness and strength.

Traditional manufacturing simply cannot scale at an affordable price to meet the demand for bespoke products. On digital platforms, customization is everywhere. Physical products, constrained by the rigidity of traditional manufacturing, haven’t caught up.

Formlabs hardware, software, and materials are made to work together seamlessly, giving you an in-house agile factory that is a step above other 3D printing offerings. Hasbro successfully deployed, tested, and scaled a 3D printing fleet, offering custom action figures for the first time, fulfilling a customer request they’ve been trying to address for years. 

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