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Formlabs is establishing the industry benchmark for professional 3D printing for businesses around the globe with accessible, reliable 3D printers for the desktop and the benchtop. The From 3+ refines Formlabs patented LFS technology for the desktop to consistently deliver presentation-ready parts with unbelievable surface finish and a vast material library.

Formlabs Workflow

Formlabs industrial 3D printers enable businesses to get more done and work more efficiently. From printing, to post-processing each step of the process was designed with efficiency in mind.

Scale production and optimize your workflow with Formlabs washing and curing solutions. The Form Wash and Form Cure streamline post processing and maximize print quality and performance.

1. 3D Print

3D print your parts on the workhorse Form 3 or 3L 3D printer.

2. Wash

Insert the build platform directly into Form Wash or Wash L after printing for a consistent, automatic rinse.

3. Cure

Transfer the part to the Form Cure or Cure L to maximize material properties and ensure peak dimensional accuracy.

4. Done

After removing any supports, parts are ready for use.

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