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3D Printing is a new industry that has rapidly become a part of everyday business. Skills in 3D design and modelling are starting to become well regarded by future employers with new and innovative commercial applications constantly being discovered for 3D printers.

3D printing has changed the way students engage with STEM subjects enabling a hands on approach that demonstrates the technical principles they are studying. The feedback we receive from teachers has been overwhelming positive and we love discussing with schools their results and how they have bettr engaged students by introducing 3D printing to their curriculum and extracurricular activities.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your school. We offer numerous purchasing options including purchase order and understand ordering procedures and requirements vary between different schools and universities. Details on how to place your order

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3D printing has a nationwide range of educational uses.

In addition to home economics and technology classes, 3D Printers are fantastic tools to improve student engagement, encourage interest in STEM subjects and break down abstract concepts with a tactile and physical 3D printed example. 

3D Printers allow students the opportunity to fully realize their ideas, providing a further understanding of mechanics / design and preparing students with useful skills and knowledge for future employment.

3D printers have played a direct educational role in schools helping students understand science and mathematical principles by allowing them to make and touch things they could only previously draw or see on a screen. 3D printing has educational applications in:

  • Art
  • Design
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Technology
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Biology
Education Applications


What to look for when purchasing an education 3D printer

There are multiple forms of 3D printing; the most popular being FDM / FFF technology. These 3D printers are well suited for education environments and work by feeding a plastic filament which is melted and extruded to create a 3D printed layer. Additional layers are printed onto the previous layer to build the three dimensional object. There are many types and colours of filaments on the market, some which are suited for demonstration models and others which are better suited for applications requiring toughness or resistance to sunlight.

Choosing the right 3D printer can be complicated. Some education 3D printers are designed towards simplicity while others provide more user freedom and offer better reliability for select materials. 

To suggest the right machines and materials for our education customers, we commonly discuss the following:

  • Is your organization interested in 3D printing parts for demonstration, functional projects or a mix of both (Compatibility with materials).
  • How many users will be operating the machines (Printer management and software).
  • The complexity of models you may be printing (Discussing benefits of self-supports and soluble-supports).
  • Usability and calibration procedures of the machines we supply (Levelling and calibration).

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Ordering options for schools and universities:

  • Order online with Credit Card
  • Order online with your school purchase order

    To order online with your school purchase order please create a store login for the school. Once your login is created we will setup your school account with the Purchase Order Option. We will notify you as soon as the Purchase Order option is setup.

    During the Shopping Cart process you will be asked for your Purchase Order Number to complete the order. To validate your Schools Order we do require a copy of the Purchase Order to be emailed to us. We will then process your schools order and email a Tax Invoice when the order is dispatched.

  • Email your order to us.

    If your school prefers not to place the order online you can simply email your schools purchase order to us.

  • Other Methods

    If your school requires a different method to order please contact us below or call us on 08 8463-1209
    or 08 8464-0554

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3D Printing in Education

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