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Regardless of what the task may be, the Dremel brand have been dedicated to empowering Makers through creativity, precision and project enjoyment. With Dremel's Digilab collection, users can expect precision digital manufacturing tools with both intuitive and easy to use operation for beginners and flexible control for advanced users.

The Digilab collection covers both 3D Printers and Laser cutters for the office, workshop and classroom.

What do we think of Dremel?

For decades Dremel have masterfully designed and manufactured accessible and reliable tools for making. It is great to see Dremel bring their design philosophy to digital manufacturing tools with the Digilab. I think this suite of products could really make digital manufacturing more accessible to educators and businesses.Matt Tyson – Marketing Manager

3D Printers

Dremel 3D45

Bring the power of advanced FDM 3D printing to your office and classroom.

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Dremel PLA

11 Colours / 500g spool

Dremels regular PLA

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Dremel Eco-ABS (Tough PLA)

2 Colours / 500g spool

Tough PLA, ABS-like material.

Dremel PETG

1 Colour / 500g spool

Dremels regular PETG

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Dremel Nylon

1 Colour / 500g spool

Dremel Nylon

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Laser Cutters


Release date TBA

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Technology made simple!

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