Rapid Prototyping

Today, companies and businesses are turning towards 3D printing technology to rapidly manufacture functional prototypes. By owning a 3D printer, functional prototypes can be 3D printed in-house, increasing turnaround time and protecting IP.

Desktop and Industrial 3D printers are capable of printing a wide range of materials, affording businesses the flexibility to 3d print their prototypes in the same materials used for final production or printing with new experimental blends and material type for R&D.

3D printing enables prototypers more flexibility, minimizing the need to compromise. With rapid in-house prototyping, businesses can effectively cut down development costs and development time. Conceptual prototypes can be made faster and more affordably when compared to traditional methods and designs can be easily altered and reproduced within the same day.

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N60 Superbike

Sarolea N60 racing bike from prototyping to production.

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