Lamps, Clocks, Plant Pots and more!

The community for makers interested in DIY homewares projects has continued to grow over the years and 3D printing has further expanded what is possible for homewares projects and creations. Through 3D Printing, makers can make their own unique and stylish lamps, plant pots, clocks and more!

Unlike with other manufacturing techniques, it is relatively easy to 3D Print items that would otherwise be complex, time consuming and sometimes impossible to make.

Not only can 3D Printed homewares projects look great in the household, but they can also make unique one of a kind gifts for friends and family. Of course you can also use 3D Printing in conjunction with other manufacturing techniques, you can mould and cast 3D Printed items for unique concrete items.

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Case Studies / Examples

Modular Planter

DeFactos modular multi-purpose structure.

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Transparent Planter

Smooth succulent planter.

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