Arduino, RC, Robotics, Drones

For makers involved in Robotics, Arduino, Drone and RC projects, 3D Printers are invaluable tools not only for bringing their own ideas to life, but to also learn and build on the shared projects of others.

There are a growing number of open-source projects from 3D Printing community members which have been shared online to 3D Print and modify. Projects like the Imoov robot arm and Open RC-Car are great functional projects to learn Electronics & 3D Printing.

With 3D Printing you have the ability to print your projects in a incredibly vast range of materials. These materials offer various properties from high flexibility / rigidity, excellent fracture toughness, heat resistance, etc; so you can print everything from simple control board cases & remote controllers all the way up to durable & light weight drone frames.

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Case Studies / Examples

Drone Robotics Kits

Pluto aerial robotics kit.


Open-RC Car

Daniel Norée's RC project.

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DIY Headphones

Print+ customizable headphones.

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Electric Guitar

Custom 3D printed guitar.

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