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When it comes to creating high quality and durable props / costumes; 3D Printers have proven themselves as powerful tools within the cosplay community. Some cosplayers / prop makers exclusively use 3D Printing to create amazing costumes from scratch and for other cosplayers 3D Printing is seen as just another tool at their disposal, used in conjunction with techniques like foamsmithing, vacuum forming or moulding / casting.

FDM 3D Printed parts have a texture known as 'layer lines'; many cosplayers remove this texture by manually sanding and using filler primer however there are also automatic techniques available such as Polymakers Layer-Free™ technology.

To make large props like helmets and armor pieces, a large 3D Printer isn't required. 3D Printed parts can be easily joined by glueing, friction welding and even solvent welding depending on the material used. The Red Imperial helmet pictured was printed in 30 pieces. With a large printer availble, it can still be beneficial to print helmets in a few pieces to avoid wasting support material and to achieve a better print quality on all visible surfaces. Larger 3D Printers simply give you more freedom to make those decisions. 

With a 3D Printer in your maker arsenal you can either bring your own designs to life or print one of the many fantastic cosplay prop files already available online.

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Cases & Examples

Prop Helmet

Post-processed wearable helmet designed by Hex3D

Daft Helmet

Robotic punk halloween costume.

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