In the automotive industry, 3D printing has been heavily embraced by manufacturers. 3D Printing is a powerful tool during the research and development phase to manufacture functional prototypes. Manufacturers are also using machines to 3D print replacement parts on demand, replacing the need to stock spare parts.

Italian car manufacturer XEV are using 3d printing as a core manufacturing process to enable customer customization. All visible parts of the car aside for the chassis, seats and glass are 3D printed, which has reduced the weight and number of components in their car from 2,000 down to 57, simplifying the assembly.

Even smaller businesses are using 3D printing in the automotive industry, whether it be to manufacture custom car modifications or car related products which if manufactured with injection moulding would require high volume and investment costs.

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3D printed electric car by Italian manufactuerer XEV


N60 Superbike

Sarolea N60 racing bike from prototyping to production.

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